is this a joke? Blue dye in my shipped bong??

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by oceanside, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. I just received a bong I ordered from GC, and it had powdered blue dye in it? I found this out because after I pulled the bong out, I smoked a bowl out of it.. it didn't taste right. So I took the bong apart, and took a qtip and put it in the stem; it came out blue. After doing this I put the stem in a bowl of hot water... blue dye started coming out of the bowl and stem. So pretty much I smoked a bowl of blue dye. Can I get a refund? I haven't even used, much less plan on using the bong since I found this out.
  2. post a picture

  3. What did it taste like?

    I bet it would taste like blueberries obv, but blue hass to taste good. :hello: :smoke:
  4. Is it lead laden Chinese dye?
  5. it tasted like straight up chemicals, not the good kind. it made me GC
  6. Gc is fucking up
  7. Well, you already opened it and cleaned out the dye, so.... Why would they even believe you?
  8. yeah because I intentionally put dye in my new bong.. fucking love smoking dye.
  9. someday I might move on to paint thinners
  10. Get it sent to a lab and test for chemical residue, and then sue GC for every last penny? :confused_2:
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    It would be a whole lot better if you just contacted Support about this.
    *No one in the forums can help you...Support can.
  12. I sent you a PM in regards to the info you need to include in your ticket. They'll take care of you.

    Sorry about this issue.
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