Is This A Hermy Or Mutant Plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kushblunts17, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. its a week old ill try to get pics up it doesnt look like a usual seedling
  2. You have it planted too close to the side and there is not enough soil in the pot unless you transplant it.
  3. So your telling me I can fix this?
  4. Allow this to continue, does looked stretched, which suggests to me that you are using a warm white light like a cfl, at 2700 kelvins....maybe?
    The fact that the plant is not centered in the pot is but a minor issue that you will correct at transplant in 2-3 weeks ..perhaps?
    although may well grow slow, many young seedlings looked fucked at first but correct as more light they get they grow normal
  5. I transplanted it yesterday. but thank you this is relieving. I wouldnt wanna have a hermy Im getting afew more seeds hopefully i can push them in the ohio grow season. also yes thats a light im using. it gets about 12 hours direct sunlight and then 6 hours cfl light and 6 hours dark im gonna put it outside when the plant is stronger and the stem is thicker

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