Is this a hermie

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  1. Looks like it, kill it
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  2. Does it produce feminized seeds ?

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  3. Not unless you use it to pollinate another/same plant, no.
  4. You won’t be able to stop it from pollinating EVERYTHING in your garden though. Unless you have a separate room to grow it in, get rid of that he-she.
  5. @OZs_786

    Time out:

    Seeds from a Hermie are not feminized? I always thought they were? I.e., letting "it" (for lack of saying he/she) fertilize itself..won't those seeds be female? I figured it would be a given if allowed to 'bust a nut' since it would get fertilized from its own flowers since being so close proximity to its own buds/pollen (and anything else in the garden). It would be hard (impossible?) to NOT have it self-fertilize?
  6. If you have a full blown hermaphrodite, meaning both pistils and balls early in flower, you have bad genetics and any seeds produced will have the same hermie traits.

    If you have a plant that throws out some nanners late in flower, called rodelization, the seeds will be feminized. The two methods for producing female seeds is either using colloidal silver or rodelization.
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  7. Colloidal silver is used to make feminized seeds
    Just kill it, bad genes
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  8. Herm does not always mean bad genes.

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