is this a hermie?...need help

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  1. Or is this a calyx bud?

    It is 2 weeks into flower. Its a fem holy grail kush seed

  2. is that pistil shooting out of it? hard to tell with the pic but it looks like a claw
  3. That's female.
  4. Females have more of a V shaped pistil, and that looks like a seed but i can't see the other side of it so i dunno..Is your box or tent what ever you use, completely dark during lights off? I read this stresses plants a lot and can cause females to hemie.
  5. I'm sorry, but where the fuck do you see anything that would make this a male?
    I see calyx and pistols. No where do I see balls or even a little sack starting.
  6. See the finger now work your way up ..there's a spike then a calcxx with the v hair but between those two is a very tiny developing seed pod it resembles the spade on a deck of cards...looks herm to me but thats what i'd be looking for...females only have one look with the v hairs..males got about 3-5 different looks that makes it difficult imo..hope that helps
  7. Still not seeing it man.
    I see the "spike" and the calyx.
    And what "v hairs" do you guys keep mentioning? The pistols?
    I still see no sign of balls.

    Edit: well now I can't even see the picture lol.
    And if it was pollinated and that was actually a seed pod, the pistol would withdrawl back into the calyx...
  8. That there be a female good sir, congratulations!
  9. Thanks for replys guys. Im just paranoid ever since my last batch had seeds. So I started these hgk from seed.

    So let me get this right...if it has pistols, its a female?

    Should I pluck it off and see if theres a seed?
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    There is no seed, don't ruin a budsite.

    That little hair sticking out of what you think is a seed pod is called a Calyx.
    That is essentially your plants vag.

    If that was a fertilized seed, the calyx would have shriveled back into that pod on contact with viable male pollen before it even started to swell like that.
  11. 100% female. I mean you can see buds below your hand. As bluemangoo has mentioned it's a calyx not a seed pod, so don't pluck anything.
  12. you're asking is it a herm was the orginal question..herm has both male and female calcxx and seed pod one being more dominant ..female characteristic here is dominant but i don't like the look of that tiny little bump imo..i'm probally just being alarmist but i've had lots of herms in the past and thats the look i saw..dominant female look so you think you're good to go...get a little heat stress BOOM..Henrietta meet Henry..just keep an eye out
  13. Finally! Thank you for backing me up sir. This next bongs for you.

    OP, how about a pic or two of the whole plant now that we know its a she? ;)
  14. final conclusion; Well I have 3 holy grail kush plants that im going to have to chop down.

    I decided to pull the seed pods off and voila! There was a tiny seed forming.

    This is frustrating!

    Thanks all for fast replys.



  15. sorry but I dont think its even phyiscally possible for a seed to form without the calyx being pollinated and receeding. I cant see there being a seed in that pod.
  16. @bluemagoo, there was a tini winnie ball inside of it. Let me see if I can take pic here shortly.
  17. Bacardi who did you get those fem seeds from ? Barney's?
  18. I'm sure you pulled off new growth. I almost threw away a "hermie" plant that I'm gonna get about 2.5-3 from.
  19. Did you seriously chop the plants? That was a calyx, not a seed pod. Seed pods look nothing like that. Plus if it was a hermie the seeds would form inside the buds, not between stems.
  20. Not yet. I am still confused. Im watching them closely.

    If I stressed them during veg will that affect them? And will my clones be hermies too, if in fact these mothers are?

    Either way, I have my last 2 seeds in wet napkins.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

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