Is this a hermi, male or weird looking female?

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  1. First time grower here, 3 weeks into flowering I noticed small ball shaped clusters on stalk/branch partings on 2 of my plants. Having read bad things about this sign on GC I decided to rip them out. I had 6 in my tent, down to 4 now, gutted. Just hope I didnt rip them out too soon?

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  2. Here is pic of same plant zoomed out.

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    Sad, but you did the right thing, those are/were male parts :(

    You 'could' have plucked off the male parts, and kept a close eye out for more, while you allowed the plant to finish (or at least become a bit more mature, and larger... still good for edibles!)... but if you want that extra bit of 'no-seed insurance', killing off known hermies is the next step.

    Edit - Also, be sure that you don't have serious light leaks during your dark hours, and keep a close eye on your ph and EC.. just in case these were environmental, rather than 'naturally occurring' herms. He/She looked a tad under-fed... not that occasionally underfeeding should cause hermies necessarily, not all on its own, just something to look out for along with other potential stresses. Too many issues combined, even if they are each only slight, can potentially cause some funkiness especially in weaker strains :)
  4. Thanks for your reply, I thought about plucking balls off but thought it was too much of a risk to rest of crop. I've got plants in a light proof Buddha tent with fresh air in and carbon filter out with 2 circ fans. Using biobiz soil and feed. Was thinking this would be enough for a hermi/male free grow, maybe not? Also.Plucked very young bud from ends of plant before I destroyed rest, is it smokeable? 3 weeks into flowering.
  5. Damn. Buy fem seeds and u never have to worry bout it. Peace
  6. Yup. It sucks. I had my first Herms in my current grow.
  7. That's a doll with balls.
  8. [quote name='"Ganjahoarder"']Damn. Buy fem seeds and u never have to worry bout it. Peace[/quote]

    The ones that turned were feminised kalashnikova seeds.
  9. Are the little buds that were on the plants smokeable at 3 weeks into flowering?

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    Iffy. Are there any Trichomes on those little buds? If so you can try it, but pile them together so they dry slowly, and I'd jar cure them for at least four weeks first.

    I have a small batch from my plant that Hermed curing right now. That plant was harvested at 5 weeks into flower. Don't know if it'll be smokeable or not. Just have to wait and see.

    And... you isolated the male pollen sacs during/after you cut them off the plants, right? Pollen can travel miles and miles with just a light breeze pushing it along. Don't want that pollen getting to your other gals!
  11. thats a heshe
  12. fuck dude that sucks...sorry
  13. watch ur light leaks dude, prob what caused this.....damn that sucks, she was lookin good til she turned into a tranny
  14. I had a hermi, picked off the male parts and it was all female from then on.

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