Is This a Hermaphrodite?

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  1. Naw bro those are pistil sacs.. give it a few days and the sacs wont be as visible... as long as there are hairs shooting out of them ur good
  2. You sure buddy? Only got 3 plants that survived and other 2 never had pistil sacs and I dont wanna ruin the other 2. Thanks
  3. These looked like sacs but they grew bigger and shot pistils out... after a few days the bud fattened up and you cant see it anymore... if your worried bring it outside.. in a day or 2 youll know for sure..

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  4. Got ya. Cant separate them given my grow situation, but here is what another looks like. They are same age, so just concerned one changed on me
  5. Theyre here as well but its a darker green color... ive noticed that i had a few of the same strain but one of it started off a light yellowish color making me think its herme but at closer look the others plants have the same sacs but darker green so i didnt notice it... then few days later the yellow sacs turned green and poped pistils lol... i was so dissappointed thought i wasted 4-5weeks lol
  6. Definitely not normal looking, looks like pistils protruding from pollen sacs.. with the trich progress I would say if this plant lived in the hood, its nickname would be herm-dog
  7. Zoom in and I see balls for sure I would chop it
  8. Here are some more pics from this morning.



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