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Is this a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justin 351, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. /Users/Justin/Desktop/Photo 1.jpg

    Is this actually a gram it looks like so little?
  2. cant see the picture but grams arent big to begin with
  3. lol, I cant believe you just did that, you must be high as fuck.
  4. Do you keep all of your pictures of weed on your desktop?
  5. Looks like .8 to me

    Jp, cant see the pic, upload it to imageshack first then post a link
  6. haha, my thoughts exactly.
    but it's cool, we all make mistakes
  7. Holy shit you're baked :p
  8. hahaha oh wow man.. Also a gram is almost nothing man why does it matter
  9. OP is so funny man. i just got a good laugh out of that
  10. lmao, great post.
  11. You have to upload the picture to a different site or attach it to your post itself.
  12. :O Dude thats a ounce!
  13. ^_^ love this thread. just attached the image in your post. click the little chain thingy. or like above said, or
  14. this thread brought the lols for sure
  15. sorry your desktop is not a mapped network drive haha
  16. Have to admit I did this once when I started on forums ~10 years ago.
  17. Then you finally figure it out. I've seen it happen on other forums.:smoke:

  18. Me too.
  19. Looks like .9 to me. Deffinetly not a gram.

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