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is this a good stash jar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RUFFLZ, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    found these at target for 6 bucks. im pretty sure theyre air tight and theyre plastic. just wondering if these are just as good as mason jars?
    i like em cause theyre smaller
  2. im pretty sure those are mason jars. need to make a trip to target soon
  3. i thought those were glass... but yeah shpild be fine, honestly this is a troll thread
  4. The trichomes stick to plastic, make sure you get glass. I would probably go return it if I were you.
  5. They look pretty good to me! If you really care about the trichomes getting stuck (easily scraped off), then return them for glass jars. But for $6 each, that's a steal!
  6. Those jars look nice man.
  7. They will work fine! I don't think it will stick that bad plus it's air tight
  8. alright cool. it aint no troll thread i was just worried that plastic would fuck it up. but i guess not
  9. People cure in trash bags...though it is not advised so what you have will be fine, but as dude above me said. Best method is those bitches right there. I swear it's only like $20 for a pack of 12....idk.
  10. Just use Gerber Jars. Buy some baby food for 99 Cents, Empty and wash that shit and now you have a perfect little air tight, smell proof jar that when filled holds a perfect quarter ounce.
  11. those seem great. i personally have a little glass jelly jar (conveniently holds and eighth).
  12. Looks good, the only thing is that if you have your jar out in the open (I know most people probably don't) where there's a lot of natural light you may not want to use a clear jar, seeing as sunlight can degrade the thc in your bud.
  13. from experience i can tell you that they're OK but definitely not as good as a mason jar. the seal does not last very long and it wont completely keep the smell out if its some strong smelling dank dank.

    they do make pint sized mason jars. not sure if thats the actual measurement but they are about the size of a pint. there about 99 cents at Michael's but they dont always have that size. stop and shop also sells a 12 pack for like 9 bucks or something.
  14. Those aren't air tight. Do yourself a favor and get a mason jar. You can find them for a dollar at craft stores like Michael's.
  15. Thats a terrible stash jar cause theres no stash in it!!!!

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