is this a good stash jar?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by RUFFLZ, Nov 17, 2011.

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    found these at target for 6 bucks. im pretty sure theyre air tight and theyre plastic. just wondering if these are just as good as mason jars?
    i like em cause theyre smaller
  2. I use those too can't say if it's good o not but as long as it's air tight your good
  3. im just worried about the plastic part. dont want it to fuck up mah weedz
  4. the weed doesnt touch the plastic part broseifus. So why you sweating it

  5. the whole thing is plastic lol
  6. im pretty sure trich's stick to plastic because of static electricity, so its up up to you really. Personally i much prefer glass ones, they just feel.....right.
  7. ah thought it was glass with the sealing part as plastic or whatev my bad
  8. Plastic has pores in it, that means it will leak out a little bit over time, and I'm pretty sure trichs will stick to the side of the jar due to static electricity
  9. trichs stick to stuff if there sticky, u just get a lil keif to scrape off when u empty it but i doubt it would even leave that much. ur good bro plastic bags are plastic. i stored mine in bags for a long time.
  10. Lol lol they'll be fine mate as long as they're air tight your good. Americans are really scared of plastic hey.
  11. Plastic is the bane of our existence, it is ruining this world.^

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