Is this a good starter PC?

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  1. My teen asked for a gaming PC for Xmas and I'm very ignorant when it comes to new tech/specs. I tried researching but idk wtf anything means so I asked reddit, amd got no responses. Maybe yall can help, I ended up panic buying this one. Is it OK? Currently he plays steam games, idk what games specifically but I can check if need be. I attached the one I bought Screenshot_20221127_011158_Walmart.jpg Screenshot_20221127_011210_Walmart.jpg

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    You can do much better if you build it yourself, and it would teach him some useful skills..

    That's a very weak processor, very low RAM these days, quite a bad GPU.. the 500gb SSD is ok but you will need another drive for different files.. if you're on a budget, you can add another 2-4 tb drive (hhd), and just leave the SSD drive for the essentials..

    That's just my opinion...
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  3. It will be capable of playing mediocre games on minimum settings, but I do feel it was a missed opportunity..

    Still tho... That's amazing of you to spend all that for him!
  4. When my brother and I were young, the only way we could have our own PC was by building it ourselves. We used scrap parts from all around town, and had surprisingly decent PC's for the time in the 90s.

    These days he works for Microsoft and makes a ton of money, and I do it as a hobby getting PC's for refugees and teaching them how to use them..

    It's a very useful skill, and at any point in the future please message me if you or him would like to know more.
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  5. Second the above, processor is an I5 (for ref my laptop has an I9 series processor and its over a year old). The processor is something that is generally difficult to replace / upgrade without swapping out the motherboard (which is kind of like the circuit board that all the other pieces like RAM, graphics cards, storage drives, etc connect to).

    I'd focus on getting the best motherboard and processor I could afford, and save money on more easily swappable components your son could buy later and as stated above install himself (grounding strap or rubber band, set of small or jewelers screwdrivers to open the case and any interior screws).

    For example the 500gb SSD ont he PC you listed, you can buy a 2 terabyte model (will hold 4 times as much approximately) for about $150-$200, and it takes about 10 minutes to plug it into a the tower (best part is you can even leave the existing 500gb drive in there for total storage of 2.5TB.

    Same deal with graphics cards, usually cheaper to buy separate and plug in. Also this is where motherboard is important again, as some of them are set up to run multiple graphics cards, others, you basically sell or scrap the old card when you get a new one. and tiger direct are good places to buy both parts or whole PCs imho.

    I've also been building and toying with PCs since the 80s, first by necessity as a poor teen, now as a hobby, so same deal as @Pistils above, more than happy to answer any specific questions.

    Final advice, are there any specific games your son really wants to play on the new PC? Almost every PC game has "minimum specs" that will list the processor speed, ram amounts, graphics cards etc needed to make the game run (usually poorly). Most games will also have "recommended specs" for the PC to run it at higher quality settings.

    If possible you want a machine that meets or exceeds the recommended specs for the games or programs you son wishes to use it for, if there is extra cash left over I'd spend it on upgrading the motherboard / processor.

    Apologies if my post was a bit pedantic, but not knowing your familiarity level with PCs and parts, I decided to err on the side of more information.
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  6. its a good pc which he can customize later
    the I5 cpu has been out a long time, that later could be updated,
    but for gamers its all in the GPU(graphics card) again the one installed can be updated later

    the hard drive is small 1/2 Tb, that is of concern but again, usb plug in ones are cheap

    good luck
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  7. skip that one. You can get one with a much better GPU (video card) which is the main component you're looking for.

    A geforce 3000 series would be much better.
  8. He doesn't have a desktop though to put a graphic card in so I'm pretty much having to start from nothing and the problem is idk what the heck is good or not good without spending a bunch of money

  9. I was hoping it was able to be upgraded for other gifts or just have him want to start earning his own money for something he wants, I was worried it wasn't since it was already put together
  10. buy him a gift token gives much further options.. IMO

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  11. So for games he said he wants to play his jurassic park 2 he got a few bdays ago, I didn't know he couldn't even play it until now :( he said ark is too graphically demanding, and he said his minecraft and terraria runs but lags. He also said his city skylines game is too graphically demanding. He's 15, and has been interested in driving so he has also been playing driving games I got him a steering wheel and shifter thing for Xmas also
  12. He rarely asks for anything and didn't even want to ask me for this bc he knew it was expensive but I've been trying to make it work. Now I'm thinking I should cancel the order and start over but i hope to stay in that range of price. It seems like that isn't likely though lol
  13. So it seems for any of those only the refurbs are in my price range. Do you think a refurb would be a bad way to go?

  14. so like for Jurassic Park evolution 2 these should be the specs (minimum and recommended, recommended is where you want to be).

    Requirements Test

    They will show you some links and possibly recommend PCs at various price points that should run it, you can use some of those models to compare against other sites you have been shopping for, as nearly identical systems spec wise can vary wildly in price depending on the seller.

    As for refurbished systems / components, it going to depend on the seller, I've typically had good luck with refurbished graphics cards (GPUs) and RAM, mostly because if it craps out unexpectedly the system can still usually be used for basic functionality (most modern processors have an integrated GPU capable of running windows and microsoft office type stuff, web browsers ect, just not most games).

    that being said, my rule of thumb buying something refurbished is basically "how bad will it be if this thing craps out in 2 weeks and I can't get my money back?" Depending on the gaming situation, GPUs can be replaced fairly frequently, so a refurbished model that you are only hoping to get 1-2 years out of while you (or he) saves up for something new is often a viable choice.

    Last note, the easiest things to replace on a tower imo are storage drives (traditional hard drives or SSDs), RAM chips and graphics / audio cards. Most of them are easy to understand with even a 2 minute youtube video. You can always try and build a PC with more bare-bones requirements in these areas, and expand out later.

    It can be daunting, but if I had folks that took half the interest in my computing habits as you seem to be doing with you family, I'd possibly be designing chips today, instead of just buying them and plugging them in, so I'd say you are already ahead of the curve just showing an interest and dropping a sizeable chunk of cash on something as versatile as a decent PC.

    Best of luck!
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  15. Not sure. I've never bought refurbished pc stuff.

    If you have to go with something a bit cheaper then find a 1650 or a 1660. They'd be better than the 1030.
  16. Ok thank yall so much! I'll see if I can get this sorted so he can have a good system to start out with at least I have something to look into now vs going into it blind. I appreciate it! I knew I could count on GC 
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  17. So thanks to the awesome responses I got here and in PM from Misanthropevet, I got the first PC canceled and a better one ordered JUST in time for the new PC to show out of stock not even 2 min later! My son is going to be so excited!!

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  18. Glad to hear it! He's going to be super happy!
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  19. It would be sufficient for 720p, but you'd definitely want to change out components if you want to go higher.
    For CPU, you're motherboard will probably support all 11th and 12th gen Intel processors, but you'll want to check that before you buy anything.
    Another thing you'll want is another 8gb stick of DDR4, which shouldn't cost too much.
    Also, the GT 1030 is considered to be the worst card of the GTX 1000 series.
    The MSi AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB OC DX12 doesn't cost a ton, and it's great for 1080p, but you should be able to get away with an RX 580 8 from any company. As long as it's not PowerColor.

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