Is this a good start up Kit?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Ddbbcc, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. hell ya that do,me i like the 600watt setup and great price,that aint bad with the one your looking at,you going in soil?
  2. Hey thanks for the reply and yes I’m growing no till. I just need a reliable light and I bought some extra bulbs
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  3. 600w is plenty for a 4x4. I really dislike a 1000w setup for ceilings under 10ft.
  4. 600 is a little under powered and the spread isn’t wide enough for a 4x4. You’ll need approximately 800 watts of HID lighting or 600 watts of white light top bin LED. If you can handle the heat, the 1000 watt HPS will do great. If you can spend a bit more and willing to do a little assembly, you can build two (4) qb120 board lights for about $450
  5. I might do the quantum boards down the road but rn I think I’m going to run the 1000hid
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  6. And that will be a fine choice. Just be prepared for a lot of heat, and about a $30 per month increase in electricity from that light alone. Nobody can dispute the quality of medicine that HPS produces. I would veg under fluorescents or get your feet wet and build a couple small quantum board veg lights
  7. I have a viparspectra par600 led to veg. when the plant are about 6inch I will switch to hid. My grow area is in an empty basement where it stays about 70 degrees hopefully I can keep the heat down in the tent i plan on using the air cool hood with a 400cnf fan. I will test it out before I make it my permanent light. I was also told that the quantum boards would produce just about the same amount of heat as a 1000w maybe a few degree less. Where do you source your light build? Can I get a direct link?
  8. I just bought a 4 pack of the qb120’s on amazon (3000k). Some solid copper wire in 18 ga, an old extension cord for the plug end, and a HLG-240H-C2100A driver
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  9. I'd love to see some pics of your setup.
  10. My setup is not pretty, but it works for now. I run a 600 HPS and a 1500 watt King full spectrum led (286 actual watts) on my 4x4 flower table.


    I just built the (4) qb120 light to flower a big Orange Skunk plant I have in a 24” x 36” concrete mixing tub of Super soil. I will build two more of these units to replace the lighting on my flower table soon enough

    4ED5C6A8-0FA1-45B7-ABEB-05CB2775FE24.jpeg B24023BD-BABC-41B8-9306-4D3E18BA7E1A.jpeg .
  11. Right on.

    Here are a couple examples of what a single 600w hps can do in a 4x4 space. Oldies but goodies I almost forgot about.

    Grow Show by Rancho

    Back at the Ranch...
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