is this a good spot to grow? pics!

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  1. is this a good spot to grow? would the swamp water rise too much and drown my plants if it rains? please lemme know what yall think.

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  2. Honestly I would wager a bet that your plants would eventually drown from the swamp overflowing. Plant them back a bit more and clear some brush from around them if need be. Nice spot.
  3. man thanks for the help!
  4. if the roots of ur plants are gonna be sitting in water constantly then they will rot. Check to see how high the water rises.
  5. Also, it is next to a pond where people could fish. I wouldn't even consider growing there unless you are 100% sure no one else goes there.
  6. Just put some buckets over there...
    That way they dont flood and poke some holes on the side of the buckets
  7. I don't know if I'm just seeing things, but does anyone else see a small path? It curves and then is stopped by the fallen tree. I can see it in the other pictures as well.


  8. a path.. so? xD
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    If people walk back there and see your plants.... Its all downhill from there! Who doesnt love free bud :D
  10. I woudnt plant there... I mean theres an obvious trail.. Hinting that people must walk through that spot. Id go a little farther back into the brush away from trails and ponds and landmarks.

  11. oh haha thats true. good thinking :p
  12. And if You still have soggy soil and not much sunlight might wanna think of dropping a 6 gallon pot with no bottom in the dirt. Atleast then it can some what control the water income. and then you can use a good mix

    Good luck

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