Is this a good song?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sugar Jay Robinson, Oct 28, 2014.


  2. its as good as you think it is. i prefer older music...

  3. No, beat doesn't fit in and no crazy rhymes. Pretty chill though. Burn after you roll
  4. Maybe you should just focus on what it is you like instead of trying to get other people to validate it for you. 
  5. Well it's not a bad song. 
  6. i just wanted to hear some opinions on the song. why be a smartass?
  7. It depends on who you ask. I find rap/hip hop to be terrible, so I think it's not a good song.

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    OP has based his whole self esteem on the replies of this post and whether or not this song is, in fact, good or bad  :rolleyes:
's ok. guess it depends what you mean by good. good to chill to i guess..inspiring or anything like that? prolly not..intellectually stimulating? dont think so either.. 2 cents. 
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  9. No. I do not like wiz kalifa.
  10. This song is cool, especially compared to the new stuff he's putting out.
    Check out this video, it is a mix of all my favorite Wiz songs. It is musical genius and the best music of my generation.
     (Its not really Blacc HollyWood)

  11. those songs are bangers
  12. no, i don't like it!
  13. Musical taste is incredibly subjective.
    That being said, in my opinion, it is toxic and shitty.
  14. Ironic lol

    But I'm gunna follow the line of no ones opinion but your own matters.

    I'm not personally a wiz fan. More liquid DnB, Jazzhop, new school underground hip hop and oldies.

    I miss the days of simpler EDM to..

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    Eh, not really a fan of Wiz, can't really take a rapper seriously when all they rap about is weed. The only rapper that I like that's fairly new is Hopsin and a lot of other people on Funk Volume as well, like Dizzy Wright, Swizzz, and Jarren Benton.

  16. It's good if you think it's good.

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