Is this a good setup?

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  1. So I was given this bubbler and it was missing a bowl piece/downstem and the glass spout where you would insert the bowl piece broke off(but the body of it had nothing wrong with it). So what I did was take an electronic cigerette and hollow it out until I was left with a stainless steel tube. I then wrapped a small portion of the tube in duck tape to make it fit almost airtight in the rubber o-ring. I took a cup washer from one of my skateboard trucks and put in on top of that to make it look more appealing. Next, I took a copper door stopper as a bowl/stem and put a bathroom sink screen in the door stopper. The door stopper fit perfectly into the steel tube. When I insert all that stuff into the bubbler the steel tube touches the bottom of the bong and is nearly air tight. What I plan to do next is seal it with silicone. I just want to know if there was anything I could improve about my setup without going to a head shop. P.s none of the silicone will be close to the flame.

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  2. Actually it's a mini bong. Bubbler is just easier to type.
  3. Personally I would not use any silicon making a bong.  Not saying you won't be OK, but I would not do it. Have you tried it yet?
  4. I haven't tried silicone yet. But I've tried hot glue and it comes right off. But what I do know is that silicone produces no toxic fumes after drying, and its designed for sealing things.
  5. The silicone is only half your worries. Copper definitely shouldn't be used as a bowl as it gives off toxic gases.
  6. It won't be getting hot enough to release any fumes.
  7. Well..give 'er a try, I suppose...
  8. Are you not applying a flame directly to it? Copper has a really low melting point.
  9. I've tried a copper piece before and even after a lot of hits I can still touch it. I doubt it will get anywhere near 1085 degrees.
  10. Well, do what you want but I'd recommend Googling "smoking out of copper" before you get comfortable doing it on the regular. Enjoy!
  11. I would NEVER smoke from a door stopper or use silicone on my stuff. glass bowls aren't that expensive
  12. what's wrong with silicone? It's designed to seal and make things air tight and it dries into a much harder substance. I can understand the door stopper, though.
  13. I just found out the door stopper wasn't actually copper. It is steel
  14. "None of the silicone will be close to the flame"
    You seem to be under the impression that you need to hit the silicone or the tape with a flame for it to put off noxious fumes?  You are mistaken my friend.  You only need to warm those chemicals for the fumes to start to disperse and steel, glass, whatever will get plenty warm.   You can not fix smoking pieces with tape, silicone or adhesives.  
    its a piece of crap anyway,   go get another,  cant be worth more than $20.
  15. Shit like this is how MJ gets correlated with medical complications..
    Some metals are:
    just plain toxic under heat.
    dipped in a toxic anti-rust coating
    alloys that are blended with toxic metals
    plated with a different metal or alloy.
    Few silicones are:
    designed to withstand heat greater than boiling point
    designed for the human body to safely consume
    It's just not worth the $5 for a cheap metal slide manufactured with materials suitable for the purpose
  16. believe it or not, it's not that bad. The glass is pretty thick and it has an ice catcher. Hits pretty good too. It's a shame my friend broke the downstem for it, though. Probably gonna go get a bigger bong this week anyways.
    yeah,  ive had a bunch of those over the 25yrs i've been smoking.  They work,  no doubt,  but as soon as they break,  well,  they dont work anymore, lol.  Lets be realistic though,  i find this 1 within about a minute of looking on gc .  it is borosilicate(yours is not) and is glass on glass(yours is not) for $27.  i have no doubt i could find your exact piece for $20, if i looked around.    Point is,  Its junk now,  throw it in the gutter and go get another my friend. Because you do not fix smoking pieces with tape, silicone or adhesives,  thats just not smart..
  18. You do have a point. What type of bong would get me the most bang for my buck? My price range would be roughly $100. I was thinking a perculator?
  19. Brother,
    I think what we are all trying to tell you, is;  Don't do it.  Be safe.  It is not worth it to you, just to have a bong.  We are not criticizing, but , are trying to save you r health.  Good folks in communities like here, are genuinely concerned over everyones health. :) Peace
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    I sent you 3 links via PM.   2 wicked sands beaker,   and a HVY straight tube,  all under 100.      Forget about percs with a $100 budget,  cheap percs break easily and you dont want another piece of crap do you? lol   Stick with a decent beaker or straight tube, and get a diffusor or showerhead for it.  Cheap(edit) contraptions built inside the piece hinder functionality such as maintenance. 

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