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is this a good price

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mruniverse009, May 5, 2011.

  1. !!! live in texas by austin
    so this guy i talked to said he could get me some shwag for 10 a g, it seems really over priced. im thinking that the guy is giving me high prices because he doesnt wanna make like only 5 bucks off 1 g, should i try and buy in large quantities or buy 2 g's for 10bucks from another friend
    BTW this guy i talked to in dallas said im being ripped the fuck off , i forgot how much he gets his for
  2. Where I live I can get a gram of mids for $10, and I think weed is kind of expensive here. So you might be getting ripped off but different places have different prices so just ask around.
  3. Well idk but today I just picked up 10gs of high quality mids for $60. Lowest price I've ever seen. But ya as to answer you question $10 for a gram of shwag is a huge rip off. Should be around $5
  4. Shwag for $10 a gram? He's trying to rip you off. Call him out on that bullshit.
  5. A dub ($20) of schwag is usually around 5 grams, I'm in West Texas
  6. mids are 10 a g were i live
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    Haha get hustled
  8. 1)Thats the standard price were I live

    2)I dont degrade myself by smoking mids :cool:
  9. You know your retarded when u pay 10 a gram for mids. Not to mention you live in texas where most mids from mexico pass through.
  10. Horrid deal. 10$ per gram is way overpriced. Thats hydro prices in texas.
  11. OP is trying to buy schwag?
  12. so 5g sounds good?

  13. how much does it cost?
  14. For swag? I wouldnt pay over 50 for an o. Too lazy to do the math.
  15. no i meant 5$ for a g
  16. you live in texas so you should be able to get a oz. for cant really get any cheaper than $5 for a gram
  17. I live in tx and I can get an Oz for 45$
  18. Im not use to prices of dank tree...How much do you guys usually pay for a 1/8th of Kush? I got some for 45 was seeing if it was a good deal or not...
  19. i would rather have .2 grams of dank ($4) than a gram of shwag ($4)
  20. Don't call dank Kush, Hindu Kush is a strain, not a quality of weed kid.
    Dank is normally 45 to 60 for an eighth.

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