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Is This A Good Price?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokin7, May 30, 2013.

  1. My guy said he'd sell me 2.3 grams of "pretty good stuff" for 35$. Is this a good price? Would you guys pay this?
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    It really depends man. It'd be easier if we could see what kind of quality it is. For the most part it's probably going to be a decent deal. As long as it's not terrible quality I'd say it's a good price.
  3. unless you are buying dime bags then it's always 10$/g
  4. why not go the extra 15 and get an 8th? I wouldn't buy it. @snapback has a point too. 
  5. Depends where you are.
    If you're in Canada, fuck no.
    If you're in the States or Europe, then probably. 
  6. Yeah sounds good I'd sell that for 40 most people would rather just buy an eighth for the extra 10 bucks
  7. Yea matters where you are, but the 2.3 seems like he's trying to off load his leftovers, endless that's a normal amount that you buy from him. 
  8. Just trying to get rid of some it sounds like, I'd do it
  9. Don't take it if it's shake. Otherwise, buy it and offer to pack a bowl.
  10. its sounds like a decent deal. around here bud goes for about 20/g...but thats why you buy in bulk
  11. 2.3 for 35 means 15 more would be over an eighth,

    its a good deal OP, as long as its not regs
  12. If it's pretty good stuff, then yeah, i'd buy it.
  13. It all depends on how the bud looks. The quality is what really determines the price.
  14. if its some fire; then you're getting fairly average to high prices for my area.
    If its some dirt then you got straight ripped off
  15. It honestly depends on the quality. I know in ATX prices fluctuate like crazy! But if you normally pay $20 a gram, its a good deal. If you pay around $10-$15 per gram then your better off just buying an 8th.
  16. like others have said depends where u are, in my area unless u no a dealer personally your paying around 300 an ounce, in bc you can get an ounce for 100 bucks.

    im going to go ahead and assume your just a kid if your buying 2.3 grams at a time lol
  17. Does he usually sell you shit?

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