Is this a good price for fox farm nutes

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vindeezy, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. That will be what you will spend almost anywhere, give or take 5 bucks. Go ahead and get it
  2. Fox Farm sucks don't buy unless your ready to flush every plant every 2 weeks with 3x-5x the water as the size of the pot. go get Bio Bizz its easy 100% organic and it wont burn your plants. shit fox farm even sells a product for flushing. any nutes that scedual a flush is crap

  3. Please be a little more specific.

    "Fox farm sucks"?
    Any nutes that schedual a flush is "crap"?
  4. I've seen people use it with great results.

  5. Nutes shouldn't plan on burning your plants, any nutes that require flushing in their schedule know your plants will burn if you dont flush them. They even sell you stuff to help flush better. Thats crap nutes. I tried fox farm for a few years, back then there were a lot less choices of nutes, I had problem the whole time. they require you to flush every 2 weeks and in 5 gall buckets that's 15-25 gal of water per plant. not sustainable I ened up loosing most of a crop and switched to all organic nutes. now I use Bio Bizz and will never use any thing eles again, they wont burn your plants ever and they are as easy or easier than fox farm.

    I do however still like their dirt they make good dirt
  6. Check out ebay

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