Is this a good oil rig?

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  1. I'm new to the whole dabbing thing and Just ordered a new set up, I still plan on smoking flowers out of it too but only with the a/c on it, it's all made by silika

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  2. isnt that a bong. ive never seen bong dab rigs.ive only seen dry pieces
  3. Really?? U must not have seen many pieces or are relatively new to the smoke game.

    There are dab rigs of many shapes, sizes, with water, without water.
  4. Fail...bro im not new to smoking whats so ever. Just never had owned or had friends with them.
  5. I think you failed more than he did:confused_2:

    That will be a fine rig, most people would go smaller but for a flower tube and rig I'd say that's a decent size.
  6. Thats not an oil rig. Thats a bong. Will still work fine for oil, but its not a rig.
  7. Make sure to clean it out after smoking flowers, its just preference I guess but I hate dabbing out of a piece that has flower resin in it.
  8. It can be a rig due to its small size, that's basically what defines an oil rig, small volume for a concentrated hit and minimal diffusion to retain flavor.

  9. This.

    and THIS.

    Nothing grosser than a dab mixed with flower resin taste
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    I guess it just depends on your definition of an oil rig. If you consider a rig to be anything you can smoke oil from, then that beaker would be a rig. By can i mean a piece that would work decently well for oil, obviously you can dab out of any gong piece. I consider an oil rig to be a piece that was specifically meant to be used for oil, and oil only. That piece is definitely usable for oil, i just would not call it an oil rig.
  11. So would I be better off just getting a j handle for the a/c and use it as a rig or just getting a ssfg travel tube for oil only?, I don't really like any tubes under 10" (just personal preference)
  12. they make rigs that are beaker style...
  13. generally you want a smaller/less diffusion tube for oils, just for the taste of it. Try your set up, without the a/c of course and see how you like it, if you don't...then worry about spending more.
  14. What some of these people don't seem to understand is that they are giving you opinions that is all, they seem to think there is a rig rule.

    What you like is all preference, dab it and if you like it you like it.

    Generally minimal diffusion and less space for the smoke to expand, like syn said.
  15. So my ashcatcher was actually out of stock so I just decided to cancel the order and get something completely different, what should I get for $250 that would be good for flowers and oil?

  16. Whats your ratio of flowers to oil? If you wait till theres a sale on aqua lebz or hpg you can get a stone glasswork waffle for around 250$ + tax & shipping. The waffle is a really good inbetween tube. If you smoke a lot of flower the waffle is a good choice, its big enough & has enough diffusion for good size bud snaps, while still small enough to maintain good flavor for errl. If you smoke mostly oil i suggest some kind of scientific bubbler. If you still smoke flower daily i would get a bub w/ a gridded perc, if you can find one for the price.

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