Is this a good mini rig?

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  1. So I was looking into getting my first oil piece and I was wondering if the one I picked out would be decent. I definitely want something fairly stealthy so I went with a small one. So my questions are is this a good first rig and will the smallness of it make the hits super harsh?
    Its stats are 3.5" in height, 2.25" in base diameter, its thickness is 4mm, and its cost is $40.

  2. Rigs are better small in my opinion.
    That's a good price for a rig too.

    Get a quartz banger while you're at it. Don't fuck with cheap titanium nails.
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  3. It would work fine, you don't need a lot of diffusion with oil so little rigs are usually just as smooth.
  4. And I'm not sure if those is true or not, I heard if there's more diffusion, you will get more reclaim.
  5. My rig with a disc perc seems to stay cleaner than my rig with a 5 hole diffuser, I have to clean that thing every other day.
  6. I looked into those, but instead, saved up a little, threw in with the family and bought the one you see in my profile picture for 160 out the door with quarts banger, glass carb cap w/dabber and a little slick pad. I used to order all my glass online but with all the reviews I read about glass showing up broken and it taking months to get there from China only to be stopped at customs (I never had anything stopped but it used to take forever when i used I just prefer to hold it and look at it and feel the quality. 4mm is not too too thing but its not real thick either.

    I would shop around a little more personally (just completely personal preference) but for a first time rig it should rip well and it will make you start saving up for a new one soon.

    Happy Dabbing!

    ps how do you clean your oil rigs? obviously with iso and salt like everything else but ive read somewhere you can clean them in a way to save the reclaim and make it usable in edibles or something... anybody heard this? tried this? otherwise she desperately needs a cleaning
  7. also: i absolutely love my quartz banger, and if you're going for budget, they're way less expensive, hit fantastically, and heat up easier so if you have a small torch like mine (i also i have a big ass propane torch i use to clean it) it heats in about 10seconds or less. plus you've got the male joint and the bent mouthpiece which are both good for an oil rig. the more i look at it the more i like, except for the logos but that's my personal taste.
  8. its pricey (everclear)
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    I have a whole bottle unopened of Everclear 151

    Do you basically just clean it with the Everclear and then evap the alcohol off? I winterized a run of BHO that came out kinda sappy it worked well. I didn't even really do a heat evap, I just let evaporate over the course of about four days...

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