Is this a good light for 4x4?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by loudnoise8, May 9, 2020.

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  2. If u gunna spend that much go with quantum boards they top notch these days. If u go with mars buy a 3x3 tent they always talk up their trash lights for sales lol they a step behind the rest they were pushin purple till a few years ago.
  3. It's only a 300 watt would need 2 in a 4 x 4 .
    That's the main thing I hate about MH.......misleading marketing.
  4. That's not enough light.
    25 watts per sq ft is the minimum with the best LEDs, so you'd need at least 400 watts, and TSW2000 is only 300 watts.
    The Mars TS3000 is 450 watts, which would give you 28 watts per sq ft.
    The Mars light are quantum boards.
  5. Us be better of buyin 4 qb96vs and 480 watt driver n rock that bitch out

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  6. These are quantum boards but they are overpriced and lower quality. That said, it's what I own and so far I am very pleased. I bought the TSL 2000 which pulls 300 watts. I run it in a 2x4 tent and I am very happy with it.

    That said, I know if you live in the lower 48, you have a ton of better choices, both in price and quality. Look for boards using Samsung LM301 chips. Mars hydro uses epistar chips. Samsung is top notch, epistar is cheap.

    Though the Mars hydro lights are pricey for lower quality stuff, check out my thread on my first grow with a tsl2000. Gotta say I'm pretty happy with it!

    You are absolutely on the right track though. Quantum board LED's are the future! A Mars hydro quantum board is a great LED light, it's just overpriced and sourced from lower quality materials. I think their SP 250 light uses better drivers and LED chips but it is still a more expensive light then what I've seen some buy on here!
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  7. For a 4 x 4 anything from 480-600w LED will do but a 600w HPS is recommended for those dimensions, one with a ballast thats preferably dimmable. Problem with all those big LED lights, they have far too many LED diodes and when one burns out you get rows of lights off. Then, to replace each damaged diode is a very delicate and intricate job, a headache I can tell you. If you must go with LED, try to find a COB variant with less diodes and a long 2 year warranty life coverage minimum. Mars are great for production rates and cost efficiency but the diodes are typically cheap (non-CREE) types and seldom last 2 years.

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  8. I've heard that LEDs are the best to grow with. HIDs give off a lot of heat. You could always DIY:

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  9. Yes you can actually use even a 250 watt hps as a heater for a small bedroom but I have a 600 and air-conditioning set at 75 and as a fact whatever temp I set my air at if the lights are on the carbon fan and filter keep it 75 however if lights are out it still stays at 75

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  10. Of course I would not be using it only as a heater but I'm just saying that they do run hot lol

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  11. I know this isn't my thread so I do apologize for hijacking but smokeout69, does 480 watts of qb rock it like you say or should someone even go to 640 watts? I ask because I'm using 600 hps but qb is what I will upgrade to when I do and also a 4x4 tent. 600 hps does rock out my 3x3 tent but i want bigger area with more efficiency but am willing to run as high as 640-720 watts qb but if 480 will do it hell yeah

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  12. I haven't ever used your type of light but I bet it does work pretty good in your tent.

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  13. Oh u can go bigger,,but yeah that 480 will grow u some fire

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  14. For that kind of money, it would be well worth it just to by the qb96 boards. You'll get better output from it, likely better longevity as well. I have a 4x4, just finished hooking up the 4th qb96 elite v2

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  15. I still haven't decided if I'm using 480 or 640 or 40 watts per square. I wish I know what to use but that's 1280 for a 4x8 on my new setup in a couple months. Also will go for 3 lbs or a little more at only 1 gpw a little more

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  16. Also I don't know if I will run clones or a good type of autoflower. Any recommendations? Would greatly be appreciated and if not maybe I'll do a many strain who knows,? I have always wanted like a QP of like 30 different types

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