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  1. Well I'm Florida I want to start a grow but I guess it's to I was thnkn why not grow outdoors for 2-3 months then switch to indoor with gudd lst plants..wld the light change affect the plant...jus wanna get sum Gudd budd:)Any reply wld Be appreciated
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    here's what you just said. in a sense.
    'I want to grow, but it's too late. so I'm going to grow outside.'
    does something about that sound a little off?

    listen. start growing if you want. make damn sure you're fucking prepared. when it gets DARK, calculate, or hell, GOOGLE the sunrise and sunset in your town. put them under some type of light at night to simulate a longer day. make sense?
  3. Naw cuz sum other dude told me it was to late for an outdoor grow nd to wait Nxt I thought grow from agust to November but cold cums in December will they die??..though I wldnt have enough time to flower nd all so I wld jus put them inside Nd continue the Grow
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    you have to take a lot into account. if you live somewhere where there is frost, then that will kill your plants. however, if you're in Florida or LA, winter isn't shit.
    so if you're looking for an all outdoor grow, then yes. it's too late. however, there are ways around this. you can still sit your plant out in the sun during the day, but because the days are growing shorter, you must simulate a longer day. so provide more light. with anything. it doesn't matter as long as they are not in darkness.
  5. Yea Thnks man..I'll hld everything yah tld me into consideration..might jus go indoors..but I'll see watts up

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