Is this a good idea??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by adum0123, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. I have been wondering.. If i just planted a plant in my living room without grow lights(there is plenty of sunlight in my living room) i might put some worms in the soil.. it will get average sun hours of light ( its winter here) and i just watered & treated it like any oter plant in my living room-- What would my results be?? how healthy will my plants turn out? How long will it take my plant to bud?? is this even possible for my mary Jane to grow???
  2. And when it turns summer i am going to plant my plants outside!
  3. it would grow, if in the sunlight.....maybe a bit lanky, or too tall for a living room......but you'd need somewhere to keep it in the dark, being the living room and all, you'll be in there with an artificial light souce, like a bulb at nightime...........and if you have the space to keep it in a cupboard at night, then why not just grow it in there, with an HPS?..............Peace out........Sid
  4. But in my living room i am not going to harvest it at all.. im just going to get it ready to b planted in beginning of may.. and if it got too big then i would just do that one technique where it makes it shorter but bushier right?

    and one more thing --- sid do u have aol or aim?? bcuz if u do what is your screenname?? u seem to b answering alot of my posts and i appreciate it.. and if i had your screenname i could ask u over aol or aim!!
  5. you can do it in your house. You will need at least 2x 2 tube 4 foot floro fixtures with cool bulbs. They will be a bit stinky and lanky but once you put them outdoors it wil be nice and big. You will need a small box or closet (minimum cardboard box with a CFL, timer and computer fan hooked up to a 12v battery charger) and just take a cutting put it in water and flower it to test the sex of the parrent plant. more then one plant is a good idea so you dont end up with all males.

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