Is this a good idea?

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  1. I'm making a homemade bukket pipe because I stumbled apon something in my attic earlier today, it's one of those aluminum foil collapsible tubes,
    You know what I'm talking about?

    Well do you think the smoke would be to hot for it to be safe if I used it as the main body of the bukket pipe?

    Got a picture of it too..

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  2. As long as the bowl piece is a real bowl i think it would be fine
  3. <bump> <bump>

    Need more opinions ah!!

  4. Not really sure what your talking about. I'm thinking of a two liter lung waterless gravity bong. Two liter w/ end cut off, bag attatched for suction. Is that kinda what you're thinking?

    Either way I hate sayin it to innovative folk but just stick to glass or papers
  5. It's like a lung, look up "bukket pipe" it's a real thing, it has a type of collapsible tube like that with a top and bottom with the bowl in the top and you make it bigger to fill it with smoke, so like a waterless grav,

    I was wondering if I could use this as the middle part even though its aluminum foil, it would have a top that's not foil but it would still have smoke all in it, would that be bad for me?
  6. yea, that's a gravity bong.

  7. Yeah should be totally safe as long as the tube is new/clean

    Ive done way worse and im still h3ere and mostly sane:hello:
  8. I might post a pic if I make it, have no Idea what the top and bottom are gonna be made out of, fuck me haha
  9. IMO, the perfect gravity bong involves three simple ingredients:

    1-2liter soda bottle, bottom ridges cut off
    1-large serving pitcher filled with water
    1-keychain pipe bowl poked through bottle cap

    works like a fuckin' dream for fuckin' yearrrrrrrrs

  10. Yeah I agree, love doing it every once in awhile but this would be like a portable one, and i don't have to worry about spilling any smelly water.... Like last time, aha
  11. As long as the metal isnt getting lit you should be strait. Think about it, if it becomes hazardous from a little heat then why is it used in air ducts. I.E. the heater?
  12. Never thought about it like that.. Huh. Thank you aha
  13. Those are more often than not intended for dryer vents, so they should be able to stand up to the heat of your smoke. Just make sure to use something separate and preferably glass for the bowl piece.
  14. I was probably just going to use a socket with a screen, they work like a charm for normal grav's so why not aha

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