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Is this a good idea?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DrLeonardHofstadter, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Soo, I've been to my lhs, and all the stuff there is wayy over priced. The bong I got there isn't even GonG and it was 80 bucks. I work a lot out side and am busy throughout the day, and my dad always opens my mail for me, just like opens it for convince for me (he does this for the whole family) and he's anti weed, so if he saw a pipe or anything he'd be all on my ass. I was thinking I could order something and send it to my neighbors house whose gone all day, put a fake name, and just pick it up when it comes. Even if they did get it, Id just knock on the door and get it and say they messed up. You guys see any problem with this?
  2. You're better off gettin a PO box
  3. That shits expensive though. And I dont have a car
  4. I'm sure one of your friends has a car, or you have a bike or something to get to the post office. Don't order it to your neighbors house that's just a bad idea
  5. How so? Its a felony if they open it, and it would be someone down the street that I've never met
  6. [quote name='"TokenTokerr"']How so? Its a felony if they open it, and it would be someone down the street that I've never met[/quote]

    Not if it's addressed to them

    Why don't you ask to pick up from the post office?
  7. Again, I dont have a ride. And if its not their name, then they dont have the right to open it, right?
  8. how much is a po box?
  9. Idk, like 15 bucks a month plus an additional $20 starting fee, and I dont have a job, so I prefer not to waste $35 if this will work lol
  10. ummmmmmmmmmm
  11. Just do the neighbor thing. That sounds straight to me
  12. Your dad is committing a felony himself. Tell him to knock that shit off...... Even when I was like 15 ordering stuff off GC my mom didn't open my mail...

    Your dad needs to stop..... I think that's the moral of this story... In MY opinion...
  13. He's just trying to do me a favor honestly, and even if he didn't he would ask what it was. Im not going to be an ass to him for doing something thats generally nice
  14. Honestly, if you're okay with lying go ahead and order it to your neighbors mailbox.
    If he picks it up before you get a chance to get it, say you accidentally put the wrong address in the mailing order.

  15. I know that. But your over 18. It's a felony.
  16. What's he going to do, call the police on his dad and get him thrown in jail for opening his box containing his paraphernalia his father directly is against in his house? :confused_2:

    It's probably for the best he lets his father do as he pleases until he moves out.
    It does seem a bit odd however your willing to respect your father's wishes on something like that, but then turn right around and smoke weed in his house (I'm assuming).
  17. Nahh I go outside, but itd be weird if I got mad at him for it it'd be like ne dropping a fork and you pick it up for me, and then I scold you for it

  18. I am not suggesting anything, simply stating a fact :)
  19. #20 BadKittySmiles, Aug 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2012
    Clearing up some mail myths.. this may be a little long-winded, but it should clear up the confusion over when it 'is' and when it 'is not' acceptable, or legal to open improperly addresses or delivered mail. :)

    First, I'm just touching on the fact that this is not really normal behavior, nor is it a convenience... how hard is it to open a letter or a package, really?

    Maybe if you (and your family) are physically disabled, then I could see it as a convenience, but to be honest, there's no point in denying that someone who feels compelled to open other peoples mail, is either a big snoop, or a bit too controlling. A person who insists they're saving people trouble, likely knows exactly what they are doing and it's just a (poor) excuse. That's just how it is.

    If this was just mail for a minor, or an underage kid who's been in trouble with mail issues in the past, I'd understand. But opening the whole family's mail is somewhat weird, and an invasion of privacy, and can eventually bring up some discomfort when someone remembers the value of a little discretion.

    For instance, if anyone happens to want to keep something medical or personal, in private, they would have to request that he doesn't open their mail on 'X-day' (or rush to beat him to the mailbox), which is unnecessary and uncomfortable, and it's likely to make someone who's already used to letting his curiosity get the better of him, all the more curious..

    That's why it's best to let people learn how to be responsible for their own affairs, and a nurturing (rather than a nosy) father, would know this.

    You could always try the old;

    "Dad, I'm getting older now, and as a young adult who one day will be out on his own, I'd really like the opportunity to manage my own affairs, so I'm not shocked by this whole 'opening my own mail' concept when I'm already out there, and it's too late to practice." :p

    If you had a more open hobby that involved receiving occasional packages, that would also help. Video games, computer parts, art supplies... there are things that make sense for a young adult to be ordering.

    Anyway, he's not my dad, and explaining the benefits of a little privacy and responsibility doesn't really help you much, in that instance, so moving on.

    But speaking of opening other people's mail....

    People are under the impression it's 'always' illegal or a felony to open another person's mail.

    This is not the case.... after it's been delivered.

    It's only illegal to open another person's mail, any time BEFORE the final delivery, and after postage has been paid.

    In other words, if they are on the way to the post office and an item has a paid postage label, or if a letter or package has been stolen from the actual postal service, or the residence belonging to another person. Opening another person's mail under any of those circumstances, is illegal under federal law.

    Once it enters a mailbox, there are no legal limitations or restrictions for the occupants of that residence, not even in the 'data protection' act/s, and it's open game for the people who live there.... particularly if it does match the address of that box, but often, even if it does not.

    A common and legal excuse for opening mail that has been 'accidentally' improperly addressed, is that the occupant may have been seeking additional information, for a way to reunite the owner with the contents. This is often encouraged by postal authorities, because you are required to at least attempt to get the contents to the rightful owner.

    But it's worth mentioning or repeating that, if you happen to see it being delivered to their address, and if you tried to seize or intercept the package before they noticed, without having it first accepted then given to you by the rightful resident of the house, and if you get caught (whether by another neighbor reporting you, or the owners), then even if it's a harmless item and even if you can prove it was meant for you, YOU could end up in a lot of trouble for going about retrieving your own package, illegally.


    Once it's in their lawn, doorstep, or mailbox, they have more rights to open it first, than you do.

    There are no laws preventing them from opening it, particularly if it matches their address, and there ARE laws preventing you from trying to retrieve that mail, without their permission.

    Remember that using another residence as your shipping address, may not actually be legal or acceptable in and of itself..... So if you weren't intentionally having it sent there then you should not have knowledge of a package arriving there, and if one does, you should not know that they didn't order it.

    That means, that by spotting a package arriving, and then by going over and seeing their address on it, and taking it for yourself, you could land yourself in much hotter water than they would ever be in for opening that package.

    Now, that's mostly for USPS... if it's FedEx or UPS, there are even fewer laws governing who can, and can't open packages once they've been delivered.

    But taking a package that has been delivered to an address, that is not your own, especially a package with a name that is not your own, still counts as stealing from another person's property. You still have to approach them, and ask first, even if you 'know' it's your package.

    Just making sure all that is VERY clear... you don't want to get in any extra or unnecessary trouble over a package before they even find out it's a bong, do you? :)

    Why don't you have it sent to a friend's house, and let him know when to expect it. Pick someone who's moved out on their own, or who's often home alone when the mail arrives. Problem solved! :smoke:

    Long story short, don't send mail to a strangers house without their permission, and even if you have permission they still may have more rights to (at least opening) that package, than you.

    Think of it this way.... many, MANY people open mail with other people's names on it, when it has delivered to them. But how often do you actually hear about anyone getting in trouble for it?

    If you choose to do this, all you're left with is to hope that they're good, and decent people without much curiosity.... and that they respect your privacy, a bit more than your dad does. :)

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