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Is this a good idea or?...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Basically i used to get say $33 a week and i used to normally cop a 10 bag a week maybe a 20 depending on funds, one off i got a half ounce (loved it) but i didnt have the funds as every month $25 came out for insurance and i had clothes to buy, going out, and other shit. Before when I wanted a T-Break it was so easy really as i had the main reason (money) now i have a job i get $113 a week and now ive brought loads of clothes and i have nearly everything i want and its so easy for me to go spend 20 a weekend on bud not feel it touch my wallet and ill be okay. Problem is if i smoke a nice big blunt to the dome of some nice stuff then ill be fairly high for 30 mins - 1 hour when it used to be 4 hours with one joint of crap weed. Obviously my tolerance was nothing but now i think it's stupid Im going on a months break and i wondered how long it will last for or shall i just carry on. Ive been smoking weed for 3 years and i don't smoke to be like omg i feel weird now i smoke and i appriciate things more, where as before id be couchlocked im not that high so i can do shit i wanna get blazed so bad. Im going on a months break and then having a huge bong after ;P any other ideas, thoughts or imputs which might help me or be of interest? thanks!v:smoke:
  2. A t-break is never really a bad idea :)
  3. youre a weekend-only smoker and u have a tolerance? that sucks man, most people dont get a bad tolerance unless they smoke every day. personally once a day doesnt get my tolerance up too much. therefore you probly dont got a tolerance issue.
    it sounds like you are just going through "un-noobifying", as in now you can handle being high so it doesnt feel as "trippy". it kind of sucks, but you can move on to a different kind of enjoyment... instead of "holy fuck im tripping balls", picture sitting on a lawn chair fishing and smoking a blunt with a few friends, more casually you know, just chilling. unfortunately the "yes! im about to smoke!" feeling disappears and is replaced by the stereotypical stoner chillness. there are other upsides too, such as you may be able to handle driving and smoking better than before, and it will be harder for people to tell your high. so, youre just becoming more seasoned.

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