Is this a good grinder?

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  1. Scored this for 8 bucks at the hippie store.

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  2. its standard, it will work
  3. Thanks had a plastic one before
  4. yea that one will work much better
  5. What do you mean by "good"?
  6. alright for a 2 piece. i just took off the screen since it just trapped mad kief and used the bottom as a collection chamber when i had that before i grabbed a 3 piec
  7. How do I remove the screen?
  8. look into a sharpstone
  9. You spelled Space Case wrong.

    Although he already bought this grinder. I have one like it that I've stopped using, but that one is good for $8. It doesn't leave metal shavings and grinds okay. It's not a high end grinder but was cheap.

    Remove the chamber that the screen is in and screw it together without it. I'd probably keep the screen though, you can brush the kief off if it gets clogged. Once you scrap the kief out you can clean the grinder with alcohol.

    Best set up is a kief box and a 2 piece grinder IMO.
  10. I would invest into a Space Case Grinder, they're amazing, but that one will do the job for a little while.
  11. wooden generic grinder. and a kief box. imo.

  12. scissors and a shot glass.
  13. What the fuck is wrong with you idiots I asked if the grinder i had was good not to name other grinders.

  14. If it gets the job done its fine.

    People tend to not know how to read, and have to project their purchases onto everyone else to justify spending the money.
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    hey man relax, you har gotten daps for your grinder. just take these name's of other grinders ready for when you need another one.
  16. personally i wouldnt buy it just cuz i dont like the way the screen is attached to the bottom of the middle part instead of being at the top of the bottom part. deff better then plastic though
  17. Before you get cranky, I'll answer your question. No it isn't a good grinder. For $8 it's a good deal, but it still isn't a good grinder. It will probably get the job done and that's what is most important. Now you can get cranky. It's no Space Case or even a Sharpstone, but for the amount you paid, it looks like it's probably worth it. I've had many cheap grinders and once I got a pretty good one, I'll never go back. Probably about all anyone that mentioned a make you don't have was trying to convey is that if you like using a grinder, a better grinder is worth having. Your $8 grinder will most likely do the job, and be worth the cost, but it won't do the job as well as a better grinder would.
  18. I got a sharpstone and the difference in the grind you get is day and night....your grinder though it has some better teeth then the usual cheap ones (usually rounded points) doesn't have the real "shredding" capabilities as much as it just smashes the weed and the trichomes not to mention that even after you're done grinding you're gonna have weed stuck in the holes attached to the screen so you're gonna have to dig it out with a pen or something...just do yourself and you're weed a favor and when you have extra money get a new grinder but for 8 bucks it'll do


    Idk if you can see it but if you look in the cleartop you can see the different teeth.

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