is this a good grinder? (pic)

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  2. Yeah it looks nice and most of the reviews are positive I have a sharpstone with a clear top but I paid like $30 for it and it works great. This seems like it should do the job but from the reviews it seems like some people said the screen is too fine and some said the holes from top chamber down to the second chamber are a bit too big for their taste. Overall you can't go wrong since its $3 and your upgrading from plastic.
  3. Snatch that shit quick. Its got a keif catcher and you wont find grinders with those often under $20
  4. i have that one and love it
  5. sweet. now i just need my money... i hate when people owe you money and they take their sweet time paying you even though they have it... im waiting on it so i can get an ounce and some small shit and some synthetic urine so i can finally get a job...
  6. Yeah it looks good man! Looks kinda like a sharpstone. It catches crystals too which is a plus!!!
  7. yah man it looks nice, buy it if you got the beans
  8. aww fuck, this grinder is an absolute steal, its a real shame i cant get it shipped to the UK and its not on the UK amazon site :'(

  9. You get those 3 bucks for the grinder man, work hard!

  10. dude that sucks. when i saw the price i almost shat. my shitty plastic one was $10 at my LHS. im also going to get a scale from amazon thats $8 and its $45 at my LHS.
  11. Im sure you could find a job without drug testing no problem....

  12. well i got more stuff im buying too. im getting a scale, the weight to calibrate it, and a smoke buddy too lol. but i dont have a job right now. i need to get some synthetic piss so i can pass a drug test if i need to. and gas... it really sucks when you're so poor you cant even get a job lol.
  13. Yeah, thats good, very similar to mine, but mine was £10, so I would definitely buy it, Id even get a backup one for that price. My one works amazingly so Im sure that will be just as good.
  14. well when i go the the LHS to get a keif box and possibly a new bong im going to see if i can get a job there. i have $1300 owed to me that i should be getting soon... i mean i should have already gotten it.
  15. If the grinder is fly, then you must buy! Yea, that looks like a damn good g for the price homie.
  16. For $3 , thats like the best deal on anything that i've ever seen. I've been thinking of upgrading my 3 piece grinder to a 4 piece but probably won't because it's not that big of a deal. And unless I find some ridiculous deal like that one its going to be $30 at LHS
  17. Yes thats what you want, looks like a good deal
  18. Looks good at first, but it's too good to be true. Probably some china with some nice polish or finish. It will flake within a few weeks, and you wasted your money. Do yourself a favor and get a santa cruz shredder or diamond. High quality grinders you will know, because of the price. They go for around $30, but will last for a long time.

  19. well on the page its says the list price is $30. im assuming they are just way over stocked.

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