Is This A Good First Buy?

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  1. So I have about $90 and would really like a bong and a grinder, I found this website that has super cheap stuff, managed to find a bong, grinder, and three packs of paper for about $85. The question is, does it seem like this is a pretty solid buy for someone who has been using a water bottle for 7 months?.. And for the price.

    People were saying the glass quality of that bong is pretty good and the grinder seems pretty good as well.

    Here's the website: Bong

    Here's everything equaling $85.
  2. That bong is cheap china glass. It would probably be fine for you if you're coming from using a water bottle to smoke out of. But, for that price I would google ssfg travel beaker. That bong will be way thicker and I believe they are made in America which is always good
  3. This dude is trolling, gtfo dude, this isn't a forum for people who smoke 80$ china glass. Go away.
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    Damn, elitist much?

    I'd much rather have him here than you.

  5. 11 whole posts and this guy is forum king!
  6. And you're a douchebag. Price dictates nothing about quality. Just another typical young punk who thinks their hard because he got a sweet bong off @lt. How bout you gtfo because this isn't a forum for douchenozzles
  7. [quote name='"smittyman420"']This dude is trolling, gtfo dude, this isn't a forum for people who smoke 80$ china glass. Go away.[/quote]

    Damn man. Way to be a dick.
  8. Bong are overpriced like dispensarys like come it just takes glass heat and time
  9. :confused:
  10. And hundreds of hours of glassblowing experience... You're not buying glass, you're buying a service. People make a living doing that dude, bongs have to cost something.

    What's with all the hate in this thread? Some naughty blades up in here...
  11. Obviously i kinda knew that.. people with hundreds of hours of glassblowing experience actually take there time to detail and make your what you smoke out of is near perfect which is a "quality" piece so your going to pay high prices.

    My point was you can grow buds for 20-50 an oz but the dispensary's charge 200-400 an oz.

    And i wasnt hating if you were referring to me? just my 2 cents
  12. Hey op,
    good idea asking advice on here, please disregard hater comments and wait for real replys ..The experts will chime in soon..Just dont jump the gun on a new piece, i did and somewhat wished i got something different...Oh well, lifes always good when u get a new piece regardless

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