Is This A Good First Bong?

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  1. So I've been strictly smoking out of diy stuff and am finally able to get my first real piece. The problem is that I really would like a 4 piece grinder in addition to a bong so I have to settle for a bong that is $50. is the only place I have been able to find where I can get both a 4 piece grinder and a bong for $85.

    Here's the bong I'm thinking about:
    HVY Glass 11" Fumed Straight Water Pipe

    And here's the grinder, although I'm only really looking for opinions on the bong.
    Aluminum 4pc Grinder

    Also, I get a free pipe or papers for ordering from here, as well as stickers.

    The main question: Is that bong a good, solid bong for a first bong?
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    Great first bong, in my opinion. HVY isn't high-end, but a solid, reputable company that makes their stuff in the US.

    Much better than the stupid blackleafs or weedstars that people post on here daily, asking if its a good buy or if they should get one

    Edit: so I clicked the link and like it even more! You might get some splash back since its so short, but not horrible. I might even pick one up for party smoking occasions where i don't want to risk having someone else drop it.

    Love the fuming too, nice touch.
  3. Will last a life time. Way better then a triple dome perc whatever the other people post as something they first want.
  4. I have an HVY 16in beaker and I love it.
  5. Looks like a nice bong for sure. You can always get a solid grinder on Amazon tho. Bit pricey for a casual aluminum one
  6. get your facts right, black leaf is shit period & personally I own a weedstar, a roor, & a small toro & I use the weedstar the most out of the three
  7. It's not a fact bro, just an opinion. Glad you felt the need to voice yours!
  8. Looks like a solid piece for $50. And the grinder is great too, I think I have the same on myself.
  9. Get an "indian crusher" grinder on amazon. It is a great grinder, has a lifetime warrenty, and it costed me $8 total and i got it in about two days. Oh and dont even get me started on the kief catcher. I got a bowl pack of kief from only a gram of dank
  10. My friend got a hvy just like that except all clear about 5 years ago. It smokes well to this day.
  11. oh my godness. i bought a great water bong just for 10 bucks . that prize looks so high for me.

  12. You'd shit your pants if you knew how much most people on here spend on their pieces..

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