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Is This A Good Deal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aperson1234567890, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. I found a new dealer. I wanted to get 12 grams which he's pricing at $80. So I guess my question is, is $80 a good deal for 12 grams? If location is important, I live in Quebec, Canada near Montreal.

    Thanks :)
  2. A new dealer implies you had an old dealer. How do you not know prices?
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  3. Seems super cheap considering here in the US $20+ a gram is the going rate for decent where organic can fetch double that depending on thc/cbd content.
  4. I know about how much weed costs around hear. Just wondering if it's considered a decent deal compared to maybe other people haha
  5. I know about how much weed costs around hear. Just wondering if it's considered a decent deal compared to maybe other people haha
  6. Where? I haven't seen bud over 10/gram in a couple years. California prices.
  7. $17.50/g here is standard if you don't buy an ounce+
  8. East coast $20-40 a gram. Huge difference from the west coast if its high grade especially condidering its not 100% legal yet here in most areas.
  9. Dirt weed is $10 per gram but who knows what the hells in that shit. Thats why growing your own is the ticket.
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  10. 80$ would get me 8 grams of diesel like this by Chicago Screenshot_2017-04-11-16-39-57.png
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  11. Again I say, Where? Also you guys need to come over here. Dispensary 35.00 for 4 gram eighths. Top shelf. First time customer gets a preroll or edible or cheapo spoon or whatever freebie offered. Not unusual to end up with 5 grams for 35.
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  12. WI
  13. Find a new dealer man unless that's some dank 35%+ and you know the exact strain and everything you're getting ripped off! Around me, (I'm on the east coast) people get 8ths for $35-$40.. never more. Everything's pretty much 10/g up to a half O then after that you might get a discount

    And to the OP, 12gs for $80 is a good deal compared to here, you're paying less than $7 a gram

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  14. Considering that I'm right below Canada and could at any time pick up a fire 14g half-ounce of different strains for $55-60, kind of. (granted, I do have legalization on my side) it's a It's a pretty good deal, but still has a little bit of room for haggling, IMHO.

  15. yeah that is a good deal if it's really good green. you are getting each gram for less than $7

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