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Is This A Good Deal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokeit137, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Hey, I haven't smoked in about 2 weeks, and I can't stop thinking about bud. I started talking to an old friend and he smokes; he says that he can get me anything I need. I asked about his prices, and said I want dank, and he said he sells grams for 20 and can get me a half ounce of medical for $180, and I can choose from a few strains. I'm pretty new, so my tolerance is low and I don't have experience with anything other than the one gram I've smoked, which was cali kush. 
    He is out of town right now, but listed a few of the strains he can get to me, including purple haze, super lemon haze, and og skywalk (and more, but he'll have to check with his guy). So, which of these three do you guys prefer? And is a half ounce for $180 a good deal? I live in the south-east (Tennessee). I've been thinking Super Lemon Haze, and everyone says it's great, but I hear that it's like drinking a cup of coffee or a red bull, and that it makes you think a lot, but I really want something that will chill me out so I can get stoned and watch a movie etc. I really like that lazy feeling. Also, I heard Purple haze is good, but I also heard that the high is pretty short, which isn't great because I want to make this last a while. What do you guys think / recommend?
    So excited to smoke out of my new glass pipe I bought from grasscity :D
    ( - blue

  2. well 180 for a half oz is kinda how much it is for most people. idk that sounds wonderful but hes doing all this for what? what is he gonna make off it? kinda sketchy
  3. I think $180 for top quality buds is a decent price. Not the best, but depending on what the prices are like in Texas I'd say it's a good deal. Especially with the variety he gave you. Usually you'd be lucky to find somebody with more rhan one strain, nevermind all those. I'd get it, but make sure it weights 14 grams before you buy it.
  4. Mmmm, Skywalker.  I'd go with that, although I do love some lemon
  5. I don't own a scale, and we're probably going to meet at an empty school parking lot, so would it be reasonable to ask him to bring a scale to make sure it's weighed up right? I mean, are they portable like that?
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    It's funny how in non medical states, the label "medical" probably gets slapped on everything, it's just like when people treat weed more special just because its purple, or popular strain names are slapped on every bag of weed just to drive the price up.

    Here in Montana everything is actual medical, and the price isn't jacked up, in fact it's cheaper!
  8. OG Skywalker is fire man definitely one of my favorite strains
  9. Yup, 180 for a 1/2 is basic for east coast prices. It's not a hookup, but it's not necessarily a rip off either. If they are real name strains, it is worth it.  :bongin:
  10. right? I've had some crappy medical and some dank street bud. just depends on who and what you know. I'd say the price is common for your area but A lot of other places, like here in washington, 200 an Oz is common, I can get $90-100 for a half all day long. And yes that is medical prices. Actually medical is more like 10/gram and you'll get like 1.8 for $20 on the street so not a huge difference but enough for me to keep calling my medical delivery services.
    heres the thing, buy an eighth off him, find another friend with a scale, weigh said eighth. if you like the weight, buy the half next time. it should just be four times as much. if it's more, ask him why.
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    Hella yeah a lot of people like to do that here too they also like to throw some bullshit name it that most smokers know for a fact it's not the real deal.

    But I would go with the Skywalker

    -PoPs A mIlLiOn
  12. That's a good price dude, I pay $170 for a half usually. You should stick with that guy for a while.
  13. Yeah that's a good deal. Always ask for a scale. The first time I bought from my dealer he didn't have a scale but what he gave me was easily a gram. So I asked if he had on and that he did. It's not impolite to ask, your money, your weed. And on that note I pay anywhere from 200 to 220 for my half ounce of dank. Also always ask if you need to bring your own bag. My dealer likes if you have your own bag so that if he does get caught, he doesn't have all these baggies on him and get busted for intention to sell. On another note after you buy about five times brig a bowl and ask if he would like to smoke a bowl. Always gets me on better terms and my dealer took 5 bucks off y last gram since I did.
  14. 20 for a gram is a ripoff
  15. 180 a half is avg/decent, dont spend 20 a gram
  16. I think you should grab the Skywalker OG! If youre trying to relax and watch a movie! The haze is a pretty strong head high with relatively no body high so not ideal for movies!
    Price is a bit steep but im from cali and we get dank for 180 a zip!

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  17. Ok, so the Skywalker OG sounds good - I really do want a decent head high, so does Skywalker OG give a head high? Because it really kinda sounds like it's just a body high

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