Is this a good deal? Need some help...

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  1. So I'm looking for a new car because mine gets horrible gas and needs new brakes, etc ($1200 of work for a car worth $2,200). I need it to be reliable, cheap and good on gas. I found an 04 honda accord with 130,000 miles for 8,999 and I'm sure it will go down to 7ish with a little work at the dealership and my down payment is my car (I'm a broke college student lol). The woman at the dealership told me that hondas last around 300,000 on average and don't take much maintenance other than oil changes, etc and are generally great cars. Is this true? And as far as gas, that thing will destroy my current.... 15/18mpg :/
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    Have a 99 Accord with 157K miles. It runs like new and gets 29+ mpg. This may not mean anything to you, but I just did a front brake job on this car with new rotors and upgraded pads and it only cost $79 for the parts with me providing the labor, in other words dirt cheap. Also replaced left axle shaft with new axle, parts cost $58 again with my labor. My 99 has a 4 cyl engine and manual 5 speed, this probably accounts for my gas mileage. I would highly recommend one of these cars, go online to some Honda forums and ask about potential problems, this will give you a lot of insight, good luck.
  3. Stealerships will always rip you off. Honda Accords are good reliable cars, but you'll be overpaying by a lot no matter what at a dealership.
  4. For reliability, honda's are generally hard to beat.

    Look around for a better deal, though.
  5. Don't go dealership try Craigslist or something
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    A reputable dealership is often times a safer option when buying used vehicles. They are going to try and milk you for every extra dollar you have but if you know the game and can work the system there is nothing wrong with dealership purchasing.

    If you're a single out.

    The thing about the vehicles you are going to buy from a reputable dealership is they can be and are what they are calling "certified pre-owned" or w/e you wanna call it. I know ya'll have lemon stories but any dealership worth there salt has their technicians thoroughly inspect and fix any issue what so ever before sending the vehicle to the sales department.

    Dealerships develop loyal customers with routines.. one common routine is the trade in, weather its the old lady that wants a new buick every 5 years to the commuter who refuses to put anywhere over 100k miles on his vehichle which has not missed a single service.

    You get what you pay for.
    I'd much rather purchase a vehicle I know the history of... one that has dealership verified service records, a car fax report verifying the number of owners ect ect ect. not something with just a les schwab envelope in the glove box.

    I mean come on folks what sort of a difference are we gonna be talking between a private party value and a dealership KBB...a couple 500 to 1000 bucks split between your 5 year payment plan?

    If you buy dealership...Don't let the salesmen get ya though...they are truly scum.

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