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is this a good buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gctoker, Feb 14, 2009.

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    I'm a fairly new smoker, and this is about the 4th time I have bought from my connect. This picture is an average $25 sack and I have already broken it up and taken out the seeds and stems. This sack was mostly all broken up already, the last he had. Usually it is in flattened buds and is green with some orange hairs and a few crystals, some decent mids.

    Weed is on a 3"x5" index card for size. So is this a good buy for $25?

    note, pic was taken with a camera phone, so quality is low and colors are off

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  2. Not mids my friend.
  3. How can you tell?

    It's green at least.
  4. is that a 3x5 inch note card??

    I would say that is 2 grams tops. somewhere inbetween 10-20$ depending on various factors. It could very well have been an 8th depending on how many beans were picked out of it.

    it looks schwaggish though...which is why i say 10$ I used to "share" schwag with buddies for 15$ for an 8th and that was on the higher end imo, and alot of people would pass on that, which is understandable

    If i were a noob ..I would say its not that bad of a buy, but nothing special at all.
  5. Like I said in my first post, I used a camera phone and some shitty lighting, so the coloring is off. I've bought this stuff before, and it is mids for sure, hard to tell from the pics though. There weren't too many seeds, maybe 15 or so, and very few stems.

    I usually buy it in small dense buds, where you can see the hairs better, but since this was the last my guy had, it was mostly shake and already broken up.
  6. and yes, that is a 3x5 note card
  7. Yeah. That's a great deal around my area. I get like half of that for 25$. =\
  8. damn, and I was afraid i'd been getting ripped off. an eighth of mids can be had around here for $25, I know this is less than an 1/8, but not by a whole lot. I just rolled about a third of that into a blunt and gonna smoke it in a little bit.
  9. u could like it all you want but i wouldnt smoke that with your lungs buddy....
  10. wtf is a 25 sack?
  11. Despite your assurances, I feel as though you bought pretty low quality mids, possibly some borderline schwag. If your dealer attempts to sell you this again for 25, confront him or simply deny the offer.
  12. that is some diirrrrt weed my friend :(
  13. It got me high as hell. My camera really messed up the looks of it. lg rumor has a shitty camera. makes my blue walls look purple in photos

    the small buds in that sack had some nice orange hairs. trust me that they look better in person, some of my friends who smoke a lot said its good bud.
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    I would never pay $25 for that! I'm not from the US so I can't really say but I'd pay like $5 max for that.

    man I love living in South Africa. Weed is sooooooooo cheaaaaaaap here!

    When I was still new to smoking(1year ago) I would buy shit that looks just like that, the same amount, for 10 Rand (R10). If you convert that to $$$ it would be $1 hahaha.

    Now for a full packed bankie I pay R100 (high mids). Convert that to $$... $10(oh and I buy it from a guy through a friend so its probably like R50($5) directly from him). I guess I should never move to the US cuase then ill never buy anything coz its SO DAMN expensive from what I'm used to.
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    rub it in...


    anyway, besides cheap dirt weed, and giraffes why the hell would anyone wanna live in south africa hahaha
  16. Dude I dont know where your from, but personally in my short 4 1/2 year career of smoking where I live I have never seen bud that shitty looking, but Ill tell you, if I had, I would have ran the other direction as fast as possible.
    And even though you may have gotten stoned off it that doesn't mean its great weed. Cuz theres no way thats even good. It looks like ground up worms man.
  17. And by the way Giraffes are SOOOO TIGHT
  18. Uh.. First off i've never heard of a 25 sack, hehe.
    But for $20 (dub) I get 7-8 grams of good reg..
    That doesn't look like much IMO. Maybe it's the camera? but it really only looks like 2-3 grams. Maybe..And it doesnt look like even decent mids brah.
  19. if your happy with it then its a good deal

    the only way to really know is to ask ppl in your area. asking ppl all around the world isn't going to help

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