Is this a female preflower or a hermaphrodite

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheGreenOne, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Hey all,
    I'm new to the forum and a new grower. I put two of my plants into flower about 2 weeks ago. They are both definitely female, but one has a couple of preflowers (I assume) connected by an itty bitty stem and no pistols thus far. It's been dipping to around 55 degrees in my grow shed at night. Did it get stressed and herm on me? I attached a pic of the preflower. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. IMAG0509.jpg
  2. Those things sticking out there, I think those are pistils.

    And you should try to get another angle of that ball looking growth on the left side

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  3. It looks like a ball - I see no indications of being female. Wait a few days to be sure.
  4. They're not pistils - they're stipules.
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  5. Looks like a straight up
    Male. Not a hermi. Did you buy these seeds?

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  6. I did not I got the plants from a friend he said the seeds he started with were feminized. Here are a few more pics. IMAG0515_1.jpg IMAG0515_1.jpg IMAG0516.jpg

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  7. Okay I see what your saying now. Yea your plant may have hermid but deff wait see what happens and get more advice cause I'm not they most experienced grower either.

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  8. Thank you a lot ive been wondering forever if I was wrong about that, I thought there was a good chance.

    So what is a pistil?

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  9. Damn, I really hope she didn't herm out on me lol. These Colorado summer nights get too chilly.
  10. pistols are the little white hairs that that start to grow during flower.
  11. These are pistils.

    These are balls.
  12. So if she did herm, how long do I have before it can pollinate the others? I want to wait and see but dont want to risk ruining the rest.

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