Is this a fake RooR

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  1. My friend thinks this RooR is fake, I think it looks pretty nice.
    I posted these pics in my Glass pic-up thread so you may have seen them there.
    Heres the diffuesed downstem:
    Heres the sig:
    And here's the whole thing:
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    Based on the diffusor, logo, sig and quality of the joint weld i would say its a real roor.

    I'll give you with 99 percent certainty that its real.

    Edit: based on the diffusers holes and the sig i would also say thats its a DE.

    Dbl Edit: I saw your other thread and if you got it from EDIT why are you doubting its authenticity. What you have right now is a 100% real DE Roor
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    Thanks man!! This guy I know thinks its automatically fake without even seeing it, just because it's from online, which proves his ignorance because he goes to sketchy ass head shops in the city and bought like 2000 worth of glass and automatically assumes its real because it's expensive and because he bought it. What ever though, even if it is fake then whoever is blowing this glass should just start their own company, I would definitely buy from this guy whatever the logo says.

    Edit: He just texted me and said "Your stupid if you think you got a real one for 300$, they start no lower than 1000$"

    Dbl edit: I just got Fifa in the mail so i'm done arguing with him/myself/ranting for no reason?
  4. yup looks real to me! got the same kinda diffuser!
  5. as real as it gets. is that the 3.2 little sister black label?
  6. That's a legit RooR.
    Ever toke some silver haze?
  7. It's the Big Brother. 45cmx5mm.
  8. Definitely real, but obviously you know that by now. That's a really cool looking sig too!
  9. I never really doubted it was real, I just wanted to be sure and prove it to my friend. And yeah, the sig is my favorite part! Its so random in the middle of all the clear tubing.
  10. its real no doubt.
  11. Thats a fake you might as well just mail it to me right now.
  12. Its real. So you can tell your friend he is a douche.
  13. haha def real.. i lke the sig too
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. Your friend is dumb-witted, show him this thread to show his arrogance!

    Definitively a legit DE RooR from EDIT!
  16. Yeh... if ur friends thinks that all RooRs are above a grand then he needs to stuff it. He obviously knows nothing about glass if he thinks EDIT sells fake roors
  17. If you dont want it send it my way. Btw it looks fine and is probably not a fake. And who cares anyway it'll hit just as nice. Keep tokin:smoking:
  18. I got the ash catcher, pics tonight!

  19. alright so smoke right in front of him with it and don't offer him a hit because "its fake" and then leave :p

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