is this a fake CNN site saying weed causes brain damage

Discussion in 'General' started by smoketheherb, May 14, 2004.

  1. obviously its fake, and a damn good one if i may say so myself. all cnn sites begin with, not tragic that this kind of shit is circulating the internet, they cant find enough rational evidence to condemn marijuana any further, so they make shit up and lie. its pathetic really, and shows the true face of desperation that is marijuana prohibition.
  2. i think its more of a joke or something.

    I saw a while ago another very similar article saying a woman killed her boyfriend smashing an IPOD on his head cuase he had erased all her songs. it was a fake cnn nerws just like this one if i find the link ill post it
  3. moved to general
  4. it says, "ya brain will barely function WELL UNDER THE INFLUENCE"......NO FUCKING SHIT.......

    and it says the test rats(humans) werent even long time heavy bud this is pops has been smokin all his life and he can still keep this family afloat.....hes the only worker in the damn house too!!!!
  5. LOL, thats so fake, you cant even click on any of the buttons... fucking liars.
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  7. lol nice

    hey do u still have the link to that?

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