Is this a fake cartridge?

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  1. If you have to ask, it’s prolly fake. Did you see the guy hospitalized after using one? Not worth it, smoke flower

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  2. IMHO,Market seems flooded with questionable carts. Most licensed dispensaries try to buy from their trusted sources- and in Cali, the cart makers are also regulated somewhat well and quality is supposed to be more consistent. It is way too easy to buy empty carts and fill with liquid of their choice. Don't buy carts made overseas as some countries do not govern them very well if at all.
  3. If it's not from a dispensary it's fake. Is that necessarily true 100% of the time? No. But why risk it? It's true most of the time. It's ridiculously easy to make fake carts and they're everywhere.
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  4. I'm done with cartridges. My chest has been killing me and just started to feel better after laying off them for a week. We we're at the tavern a couple days ago and a friend of mine introduced me to a lady whose sister is in the hospital because of those things. I didnt even know the lady and she was crying and begging me to never use them again. The message came across very clear.
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  5. I think it is due to poorly built cartridges from overseas that are releasing chemicals when heated. Vs. the actual oil that is making people sick. I have so many of the damn things from companies droppin samples. I hit them every once an while. I still prefer flower an rosin. no chemicals.
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  6. Theres also lots of reports coming out about what's being put into the oil that's makes the unsafe.
  7. Do you know if this is coming from dispensary sold carts or more black market? I have heard a lot about this but nothing directly from Oregon... yet.
  8. My friend brings them back from a dispensary out west but I will admit I have bought some that were black market so I can't be positive on those. It's been a couple months since I bought black market though and my lungs just started hurting a few weeks ago. Not worth the risk either way as far as I'm concerned. My chest started feeling decent yesterday. I was short of breath and it felt like a heavy weight boxer punched me. Maybe I got a bad cart or something but theres so many safe ways to consume cannabis that I'm not risking that shit again. The lady who was upset didn't know if her sister was getting black market or dispensary carts. We are in a state that's not legal until after the first of the year so it's a good chance she was getting black market
  9. Interesting. I've heard of people saying their chest felt heavy smoking concentrates period, I don't consume nearly enough to know. I bet they will start pulling samples of all the cart companies around here and also test the cartridges that are being used. Oregon isn't messing around with the legal cannabis market an health.
  10. I totally understand the heavy reference. It sucked man. Today is the first day I've smoked pot since then. I'm just nursing a hitter, no big pulls for me yet. I'm going back to the old way of smoking....kief, bud, hash and eating edibles. I enjoyed pot like that for 40 some years. No reason to change what works.
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  11. Bruh there’s been like 150 cases or something of some unknown vaper disease in the us this last year or somethjng
  12. Yep. Probably more then that but dosen't matter to me. Fuck those things
  13. Yeah, I never tried them until last year. I really enjoyed them because after just one pull, I was flying and the buzz didn't really last that long which for me was nice. I don't enjoy that high stoned feeling all day long. They are a huge thing for tourist in Oregon because they are so portable and with our public smoking rules they are easy to consume
  14. That's what I liked about them. I could be sitting with a ton of people, take a hit and nobody knows the difference. Could be pot, could be a nicotine vape....who knows. I might of just got that 1 bad 1....I don't know but I'm done with them. I like smoking bud better anyways. Vapes were just a "convenience" thing.
  15. Here is what is going on around me. Dealers are buying these and god knows what they are putting in it. I tried it from a friend and I almost coughed up my good piece of lung. I wouldn’t trust oils from the street. I don’t care what dispensary they claim it came from. Please don’t trust it or anything like it.

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  16. I've experimented with making my own oils for carts and it worked out fairly well. Since I have easy access to rosin I used that and it does clog a bit since the lipids aren't extracted.

    If it came for a dispensary it would typically have the sticker from the company that tested it and when it was tested. I know Colorado and Oregon require these stickers.
  17. I do not buy black market carts. They can tell me till blue in the face that it is legit and clean, I could care less.

    I have tried some and will never bother with it, especially with what is going on, that many do not even know. So what it is cheaper usually than a legal store, can't get one because you are living in an illegal state, you have to ask yourself if it is worth the cost of your health. To each their own. I for one have to look after my health, I have a family and loved ones.
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