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Is This A Fair Deal

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, May 21, 2013.

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    ok so I usually get pretty high grade bud where I live for 20 a gram. There are some deals every time you go up a few grams (3.5= 65, 6=100, 9=150) but now my dealer is saying that I have to pay 160 for 9 grams. He's my friend and he's getting charged 420 for an O because his dealer went up on him too (idk y he pays this much) but I feel like that's just too high. What are your opinions? Keep in mind a gram is $20 where I live

    6G to 9G already has no discount. Tell him you want a 9 for 150. (Still a rip off, but if you have no choice....... :smoke:
  3. go get an ounce of mid for those prices. that's a rip. here's the thing about dealers: no matter what they pay, they will charge whatever they want, as long as someone is buying it. for $100 i'd want and even 1/4. 7g's. 9 grams for 150. that's only $30 less than buying the grams individually. rip off. tell him u gotta go elsewhere and he will come down, or just go elsewhere.
    Good answer.
    I have been dying to ask this. Since 42 is the answer to everything, is TheAnswer21 only half an answer? :smoke:
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    The answer is the easy part, the more important issue is what is the question?
    and, no I just like 21. lol :bongin:
  6. Also there aren't really any other dealers who can get me this good quality at this amount. most of my connects suck they deal with this much
  7. sometimes the quality isn't worth it. case in point, ur situation. but hey, it's ur decision. i'd buy some mid and then some medical seeds with the money you saved. then you have plenty of smoke to last at least partly through ur grow.
  8. I highly doubt he id telling you the truth about what he pays. Where i live (NJ) which is on the east coast which has the highest prices ive heard of is still cheaper than what hes selling. In NJ we can get:
    1G - $20
    1/8 - $60
    1/4 - $75-100
    1/2 - $150-200
    1 oz - $300-350
    In my opinion hes been scamming you from the start and now hes trying to scam you harder.

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