Is this a definiency?

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  1. Hello All,

    I have a white widow and and Tangerine Dream from seed 1 month and 1 week old.
    Soil (1 gallon Harvest Moon/Nectar for the Gods)
    Nutes ( Harvest Moon/ Nectar for the Gods Simple line)
    PH 6.5 runoff
    Temps 78-68
    Light is CFL 250 actual watts 18/6 schedule (temps are 6500K[​IMG] 150 actual watts 5000K 50 watts and 2700K 50 actual watts)

    I got these nutes as a sample and purchased the soil. I asked the guy at the store how I should feed my ladies and he said full strength from seed. So one week after I planted them I gave them a dosing of early veg nutes as directed (attached is what I fed them) A few days later the leaves turned yellow so I thought nute overdose and on the next watering I flushed with PH 6.5 water 3 gallons. And just plain water since. I went back and talked to the guy at the hydro store and he changed his story to nutes are only need after week 2. So are the brown dots on the leaves a deficiency since I've been feeding just water since I flushed? Also do they seem small for 1 month from seed? I've only grown clones before.

    Thank you

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  2. Keep up the plain water for now.

    Shoulda smacked that Fing salesman lol.

  3. Looks like Nute burn to me.

    Got any other store you can go to for supplies?

    You could up-pot into like a 5 gallon pot, the fresh un-nuted soil would help displace the effects of the nutes. Also, you're gonna need to up-pot anyway 'cause, IMHO, a 1 gal pot is too small and hard to grow in. (At least for an ole phucque like me).

    Big pots = big buds.

    Hope this helps :wave:

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