Is This A Cannabis Plant?

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    I recently moved house and have uncovered a mysterious plant in the garden, it looks very similar to a Marijuana plant but I am no expert! It seems to be quite healthy, although I am very surprised it has been grown where it has as it is slightly shaded underneath a tree! I was just wondering how long do these things take to grow in the UK, bearing in mind that the summer weather isn't always the greatest. And by grow I mean when does it typically start to flower or 'bud'. Also is this a male plant, how can you tell if it is? There seems to be 4 or 5 plants bunched together so I am hoping at least one is a female.
    I have attached some images for you guys to look at.
    - EDIT: Turns out to be a 'Green Hellebore'... a shame really.


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  2. Def. not pot.
  3. no absolutely not
  4. Yeah never mind after research I believe it to be a 'Green Hellebore'. I was quite excited for a while haha

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