is this a/c worth picking up?

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  1. so i was at my lhs today and they just got two of these in with sticker price
    $39.95, i go in there often so i might be able to talk them down to $35.


    except the tree is blue
    im sure that its just some china glass but it didnt seem thin,and the trees where all straight.
    and i dont wanna spend more than $50 on a bong accessory lol
    so if you guys know somethign else i should look into let me know.
  2. make sure the chamber is long enough, i just bought the 5 arm version of this and it has a shit load of back splash, you just cant clear it without taking the ashcatcher off, not a big deal to me, but some would hate it im sure. but for 40 bucks you might as well. lol, the one i bought had a 'made in china' sticker right on the front.
  3. yea problem with no name brand china glass tree catchers is that the chambers too small and the water transfers...since its a 45* the water distribution will prob. be uneven and prob will transfer
  4. damn thats the whole reason i wanted it is to keep my bong clean lol
  5. do you have a price range?
  6. meh just buy it.

    You dont have the money for quality, so your supposed to just take what you can get. if it works it works, thats what the poor man's motto is.

    And I always put a screen on my bowl anyway. I never actually use my AC as an actual AC. just a pre-cooler.
  7. $40 isn't a very good deal for that. That's a POS china a/c, and the trees will probably break off at the slightest bump.

    I'd suggest any of the Weed Star a/cs from the GC shop over this thing (plus most of them are cheaper than this and better quality).

    That's like the stock china a/c with a perc lol. They all look EXACTLY the same.

  8. I agree with this more so than what I said. But I assume hes buying that thing in person. the WS a/c will take only a week and a half if you buy it on a monday.
  9. My buddy has the exact one you're talking about it. It hits great, but the only problem we sometimes have is keeping it full of water. As mentioned, it really does help to pull the ash catcher out when clearing the bong.

  10. But if you pull the a/c out you wont get the smoke that's in it.
  11. Don't even waste the money on that, if you just wanna keep your piece clean and can only spend $40 I suggest a carbon filter, peace.
  12. When you say its 45 degrees what do you mean? Even on a bong that would still be 90 degress unless your downstem is pointed straight up instead of a 45 degree angle. There would still be water that transfers from the a/c to the bong prob but you could prob find a level that it wouldn't so much if at all. Most a/c's i've smoked will allow water to transfer if they have to much water in them. Call me crazy but i think they should just put a carb on it at that point because then you wouldn't need to worry about water transferring as much and you would minimize the chance of it being broken if you decided to just pull the whole a/c out to clear it.

    I'd say why not for 40 bucks. I bought an s/c for 35 and i'd take that one over it for 2 reasons, it has a tree perc and the bowl isnt buitl into the a/c itself (i know that most high end a/c's have this but i havent really seen many cheap ones that do).

  13. Totally agree with this.
  14. The Weedstar version of this is in the GC shop for under $30, then you add your coupons.

    I got one a few weeks ago. I'm going to have to take a closeup slow motion vid of it milking tho, because from what I can tell so far, the slits are actually too small for anything to escape from!

    But yeah no water transfer when the water level is just above the highest slit.

  15. Thats pretty cool idea. If I can film my epic pre-cooler in slow motion also, Imma do that on the inline portion, so you can see if the curve matters or not.

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