Is this a Banana?

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  1. I found this on my beautiful Bleu Cheeze. I assume it's the beginning of a nanner. It's only on one bud from what I saw. Should I worry? I snipped it. [​IMG]
  2. Looks like a Jenner to me.
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  3. Lol! Well I'm actually not sure how long they've been flowering. I think they were started around the middle of July but maybe even as early as the beginning. They look ready or should I give them another week? Also, should I start flushing? None of the leaves have yellowed. At all.
  4. No worry at this stage in the game. Pick them off as you see them.

    Let her go. My guess is that she will swell a bit more as you give her straight water (flush) and she uses up the nutes still in reserve. If she isn't fading there are still nutes present.

    The only deviation from the above would be if she was grown all organic...then flushing isn't gonna do much. If that is the case, just let her go til you think she's ready to chop and chop her.

    best of luck
  5. I've given them snow storm, crystal burst, g10 gravity and bloombastic. Not sure that is organic.
  6. Nope. I'd flush (just water w/no nutes) for 2 weeks. A lot of the weight on many strains comes on at the very end....and it sure won't get any less stoney. BTW...nice bud/good job.
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  7. It isn't... lol

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  8. Snowstorm and Gravity contains Paclobutrazol (poison)....

    Paclobutrazol is banned in most European countries while the US EPA lists it as “Moderately Hazardous” and states, “This substance has not undergone a complete evaluation and determination under US EPA’s IRIS program for evidence of human carcinogenic potential”. At this time it appears that Paclobutrazol has not been banned but has no food use registrations in the USA.

    MUST READ...
    Marijuana Growers HQ – Plant Growth Regulators Poison Marijuana
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  9. I'm not sure the pac is still in those formulas since they reformulated a year/few years ago. It definitely isn't in the Crystal Burst. (I'm using this as a booster now).

    It's a concern, but do you realize the stuff is used widely in food crops and that many cities spray it in parks/public places to minimize mowing and overall landscaping duties? Yup...making murica great one chemical at a time...

    I worry more about roundup....but I digress...
  10. I so agree and thanks for posting that.

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  11. Yeah I DON'T trust the US EPA at ALL and people need to really research what's in and approved for our "food production".... I bet most would be shocked!

    See above post too.....
    Thus why I grow my own food and pretty much live off the land...
    I grow, raise, and hunt my own food...

    (don't trust anyone) Bolt
  12. We have a large garden and year-round GH and grow as much of our own produce as possible.

    And we are definitely self-sufficient on weed/hash as well.

    We eat very little meat. Even in the wild the game is full of Roundup because they eat the forage. The shit is everywhere. All we can do is try to minimize exposures.

    and stay high
  13. I believe this is the reformulated stuff. The plant in my avatar was grown with those chemicals. I've seen very few that stack up to those plants when I had PGRs. I miss those chemicals a lot, cancerous or not. The reformulated stuff is decent though. I assume they are banned from food crops because farmers were using it up until harvest or harvesting early after using the stuff and not giving it enough time to break down. I feel like they were banned because they weren't being used properly rather than the damage they caused.
  14. that about sums it up
  15. Yeah, but to someone with an auto immune and or low immune system exposure to Paclobutrazol could be the difference cancer or not...

    Yep! Don't get me wrong, I do buy some stuff from the store, but try to do my research on the producing company, and all we can do is try to stay safe...

    But to knowingly put poison in something which I consume, personally I'd never do...
  16. I have a hard time believing that any farmer would pay those kinds of prices for any of those products.

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  17. That would certainly make the food more expensive but they probably don't use the same brand.

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