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  1. So the other week me and my friends were chilling and thought to ourselves. Imagine if we could plant a seed (of something like easy kush) in a nearby park hidden away in a spot with sufficient sunlight and get it to grow with a decent yield. However none of us know anything about cannabis cultivation and have no idea the practicalities of this or what we would need to do to make it work. So would leaving a auto flowering plant to grow on its own naturally in a british common work atall??

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    Yes that sounds like a dumb idea. Read the stickys and when you actually get serious come back. If you can't grow inside and your only option is outside then lace up the boots and hike up that mountain. A lot of people go through some tough shit just to grow that dank. You won't get it being lazy.
  3. If you took a lot of rooted clones, and spread them around all over the place you might stand a chance of harvesting one or two. But I think the smell would give it away long before it was ready for even an early harvest.
  4. In a park? Get real, kid! :cool:  Your proposed plant wouldn't make it half-way to harvest before some other kid spots it and rips you off! To get away with growing outdoors, you have to get WAY off the beaten path! Go for a hike!
  5. Upon further consideration we have realised that this isn't going to be as easy as we hoped. We are happy to grow in a very secluded spot which we have now rethought.
    Our next question is whether our choice of plant/seed (easy Kush). Is suitable for the climate (English summer), any recommendations for wild growth. Nutrients recommendations, germination etc. Thanks in advance!
  6. bit late unless you been vegging it a pot but theres lots of gpod outdoor plants so long as its a sunny spot can grow fair few strains if you can veg it as long as you can indoors to give it a head start

    also out doors you gotta protect from deer and slugs and snails and remember you got to get water to your spot on dry days or if you wanna ive her some nutes

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