is this a bad idea? shrooms related.

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  1. well my friends want me to eat a half-cut of shrooms with them before school. never done shrooms before so I don't really know what to expect. I have one test that day (first period) and everything else should be pretty laid back. my question is, is this a good idea? I've smoked weed before school and i've been fine. but i don't want to get so fucked up that i act like an idiot in gym class and can't get any work done. but my friends said shrooms don't fuck you up like that. what your opinion on this... should I eat less then a half-cut, eat the whole thing, or will it get me really fucked up to the point where I can't do any work?
  2. I personally would not attempt it, especially if you've never done them before, kinda common sense.. Shrooms and MJ are two TOTALLY different substances.
  3. cant you just wait till after school

    my friend was telling me about how he had to fill out a form for hockey or something and his buddy started tripping on shrooms because the words started falling off the page
  4. there is no way you could do shrooms at school and get away, unless you are very very lucky. your eyes will give it away, even the way you walk and talk. its just so obvious, id say just wait till after also lasts like 6-8 hours
  5. IMHO, the fact that you are even asking this question means you are no where near ready to try shrooms
  6. Yeah, a good first trip would NOT involve school. I've done up to 5grams in school before. I was also there fom 7:15-10:43 each day, so it wasn't too bad. But I am an experienced tripper. You aren't sure how you'll react. For instance, I sat there in history, and the pages and pictures came to life. World War II was happening on the floor with mini soldiers. Some might burst out laughing, Some may bug out. I just kinda sat there and laughed. School is an uncomfortable place to trip.
  7. Yea that sounds liek a reckless decision, imagine the first time you smoked, but 10 times worse with halucinating and full visuals, in school.
  8. Wouldnt recommend it, because one thing iv noticed while on shrooms that sounds can get incredibly fucking loud and if your school is anything like a normal school its probably pretty loud and since its your first time it will probaly a sensory fuck, or not:)
  9. Along with what everyone else said, you probably just wouldn't feel very comfortable. Last year I was tripping an 1/8 of shrooms and we decided to go to a football game at our high school, and we weren't there for 5mins before my friends and I all decided that we just felt really uncomfortable because we didn't feel like we fit in b/c of the shrooms. We just wanted to be all tripping together away from everyone, so we bailed out.

    I guess it could have been manageable, but not enjoyable
  10. Wait until the weekend man.
  11. once i thought my clock said 3, however it was 8 (i had already eaten a gram or so and was just about to be in that post trip kinda mindset)..and i figured id be good by the time i had to be at i eat an 8th...

    45 minutes later
    *BANG BANG BANG* "heeellllllooooo"
    "schoo- oh what the fuck, are you trippin still" (my mom knew i was gonna trip that night)
    "uhhhhh, ...... *5 minute pause that felt like forever*...uhhh"
    "well, your still going to school"

    oh lordie was it hard...i had a large highschool, multiple buildings, and many security guards...

    i ended up at the nurses station saying i hit my head this morning, and got a ride home from my friends mom (told her i needed her to come and drive me home, and where my car and keys were)...

    i did fine apparently...but time is soo long, man your gonna hate it...time is soo much different feeling, and if you think schools boring...wait til time feels elongated...yeah...its hell

    i recommend against it...shrooms are great, especially with a good group of friends...but thats not a good recommendation, get your trip on a few times, and come graduation day, eat a bag of shrooms...shitll be awesome

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