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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by phoenix96, Aug 30, 2008.

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    So I have a couple plants, but I have a bit of a problem; Im leaving in 2 weeks to go to uni in a different country, and theyre not ready to harvest yet. If I leave, Ill be back in December, but Im pretty sure theyll be finished by then.

    So, if I pick them now, will they smoke okay? Should I harvest them now or wait 3 months?



  2. You've got a great bunch there. Just harvest the day before you go because you cant let them just sit there until December. They'll be done a a few weeks.
  3. Well, do you have any friends who could help you? It'd be a shame to harvest them now but if you have to than you have to.
  4. id wait as long as possible or pay someone you trust to cut it. The latter would be worth more it imo.
  5. those need another month to bulk up, i would definitely agree with the two guys above and tell you to have a friend help you out, someone who knows what they are doing. good luck.
  6. That one on the right is HUGE! But yeah, cutting them now would do just about nothing for you and waiting would give you some super crappy buds. Your best bet would be to have someone do all the work for you while youre gone. You can pay them with pot. Just tell them youll give them a few ounces for cutting them down, manicuring and drying. Have them store them too.
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    To be honest, the one on the right is the only one ive been looking after properly. The rest are waaay behind, because they have kept tipping over, etc. I have a friend who even offered to do it for me, but Im a bit sketch, because I dont know when theyre going to be ready.

    Do you think the big one would be ready? If I cut off a stalk, dried it in the next week and tried it, would it affect the growth of the plant?

    EDIT: One more thing; I appear to be getting a spider mite infestation. Ive found little white sacks all over the plants filled with yellow fluid, orange eggs and red mites. Last time I left my plants with my parents, when I came back they were ruined - infested.
  8. you going to school abroad? 2.5 months in a different country, thats got to be a trip. A month or so until you should harvest, get a buddy or preferable some kin to do it. What strain is it, or is it just bagseed? Try to find a stright arrow friend who doesnt have any pot connections. Otherwise he might sell some and not tell you, cant trust anyone mac.
  9. i agree with the others. if you have a trusted (key part) friend, teach them how to proporly dry and cure your goodies and hook em up with an zip or two for the trouble.
  10. That's really the only option. If your buddy gives you a tenth of the harvest you'll still come out ahead.
  11. ur gona need some help man, those will be good in another month and I would never leave them alone, the buds would get all messed up or they would die
  12. Well, im going to post some new pictures a little bit later, because they look about 1 week from being done.

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