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    im drunk as a skunk so bear withme while i try to explain....
    i want to take a physics course whilst in college, and soon.  but for my ultimate major i need calc based physics.  but that ultimate major will come after i get my associate in science
    at my college we have college physics (algebra based) and general physics (calculus based)
    i want to take the algebra based physics since i've already got that prereq down.  the cal based physics requires calc 1 and a coreq of cal 2, that would take awhile for me as im only in precal 1 out of 2 precals i need to take (precalculus algebra and precalculus trig)
    but i really want to take physics
    would it be dumb or a waste of time to take the alg based physics now and the cal based physics later?  
    i wouldnt be able to take college physics until i am in calc 1

  2. Not at all man, I mean the way I see it (and bear with me because I don't know much about physics) is that the algebra based physics will probably help you with the calc based in the future. I'm assuming you don't need the algebra physics for your degree? Either way then it should count as a elective and if it provides even the smallest base to prepare you for a harder physics class it is def worth it.
    I would take the algebra based if I was in your shoes. Worst case scenario algebra based doesn't really help you out with calc based but you still get the elective credit. 
  3. why r you even thinking when youre drunk???

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