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Is This 7.0?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Jun 13, 2013.

    I was told that this was exactly a quarter. I don't know if I believe it anymore after a few events. I don't have it all to scale anymore, so is this 7? I've been jipped by this dealer before on a gram, one time. Probably before. I feel like he's been jipping me hard every time. He's supposedly my friend, but idk. Can anyone tell if this is 7? Ik it's hard but.

  2. Don't cross post.
  3. didnt i just post on this? or did i exit without saving again lol
  4. If dense it looks like a 7.0 on point, but that's just a guess nobody is going to be sure
  5. Get a scale. They are cheap. It does not look like a quarter to me.
  6. I'd say it's between 5.5 and 7.0.. Can't be certain though.
  7. looks like 3.5 to me....i could be wrong though depending on the bud's density.
  8. It could be 7. I just bought a quarter last night and if it was clumped together it'd look like 7
  9. I just bought a quarter and it covered a stirofome plate
  10. Looks like a quarter to mean if I was you though I would go buy a scale for 10 bucks so you can weigh it when your buying it
  11. Put something next to it to compare. Looks like two or 3 fingers so maybe a quad.
  12. A lot of variables...
    Probably at least 5 tho, maybe more

  13. Looks to me like an eighth. An 8th around here is usually the bottom of the bag pretty much evenly lined with one layer of bud. looks like what you got, but i dunno man
  14. Definitely doesn't look like a quarter. Looks closer to 5 grams, but no way anyone can tell without a scale.
  15. Thats 6.5 grams, its short.
  16. 5-6gs.
    Time to jump your "friend" OP
  17. Next time tell him to scale it in front of you. Personally I wouldn't buy from anyone that skimps
  18. yea its about a quad, lmao people are bad at eyeballing
  19. it for sure could be, if its not its only .5 off either way. 
    id suggest either getting a dealer you trust or a scale. best case scenario you end up with both 
  20. I have tried 3 different scales and they all told me I had 6.8,6.9 and it looked about that whoever said an 8th really o_O if that's only an 8th all 3 scales are telling me wrong

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