Is this 250 watt hps lamp worth the money?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Blazican, May 15, 2010.

  1. Good find. Digital ballast, air cooled hood, timer, AND two lamps? I'd buy it.
  2. Yeah, it looks like a cool setup for the price. I actually bid on one just to bid and ended up winning it for $100 before shipping. I just wanted to get some input before i dropped the cash.
    I was planning to go cfl my first grow but will do this instead.
  3. Well the ad's claim has a problem, claiming 90,000 lumens from a 250w bulb. And the spectrum of the MH is rather too low. Best of luck.
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    agreed. same with the hps kelvin. im not a pro, but im pretty sure you could only do like 4 plants with that wattage.
  5. So i should be fine if i pick up some better bulbs?
  6. I would be more worried about a cheap ballast than a misprint in an ad. That being said, I haven't seen more than 55,000 lumens out of one bulb 400 watts and below.
  7. Basic Phillips HPS 250W bulb is around 2000Kelvin but its only 27,500 Lumens. 90K is for a 600W bulb. The MH is 20,000 Lumens normally and the spectrum is about right for a basic bulb. These are not grow bulbs but ones normally used in street, security, and bay lighting.

    They will work fine for a grow or two, but then you can get a Hortilux or Agrosun set with a better and broader spectrum as money allows.
  8. I agree....This should get better results as compared to a cfl, or fluorecent grow.....
  9. You can get a brand new kit with both MH and HPS bulbs optimized for growing at HTGSupply-dot-com for about $170. Ballast isn't digital, though, at that price.

  10. not a deal to me.. if u go on htg supply.. u can get a 400w hps and MH with bulbs and reflector and timer shipped and everyrthing for 184

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