is this 2 or 3 pieces

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Mariguanaman, May 27, 2010.

  1. looks like it is
  2. and the adaptor?does that turn the female end into an 18.8mm?
  3. Lol, what he's saying is theres the a/c (part with water) that has a 18mm female joint, a diffuser (long glass peice) that has a 18mm male on the outside and a 14mm female (for the bowl). Kinda hard to explain.
  4. yea i figured that out a lil while ago. ordered it and a 14.5 carbon filter
  5. definitly three pieces
    nothing to gonfuse about it
  6. see but its funny cuz it says something about a diffuser and that downstem is DEF just a straight downstem but w/e il just get one from my LHS

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