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Is this 2 grams or did i get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by highnation, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. I am a newby. I just buyed this 2 days ago. I payd 20 Euros for this. Did i got ripped off or something cuz i said 2 grams. I grinded it and seems to be more. The dime bag is half a lighter. Please tell me i can roll minimum 3 nice joints with it. Btw the buds where pretty dense. I know it s good shit but i want to know if it s 2 grams if someone can eyeball it. I don t have a scale. Sorry for my bad english.

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  2. Buy. A. Scale.
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  3. Yeah you need a scale to know. But if he gave you more than 2 grams that would be a good thing. How would that be getting ripped off? Unless you meant less than 2 gs. As far as I can tell it looks straight.
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  4. They use to sell gram bags with them baggys around my way years ago. So good chance that they are both 1 gram bags. Also depends on how expensive weed is where you are, I dont know the going rate there. Invest in a scales, a buddy of mine got his one online for 10$. They are cheap and let you know if you are getting ripped or not.
  5. Yeah
    Yeah i think im a bit high and paranoid about it.
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    They guy above is wrong. If you're going to get a scale, get one that is accurate to hundredths of a gram, which means you can accurately weigh tenths of a gram.

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  7. Thanks for the help. But from your experience.. do you think this looks like 2g? Peace bro.
  8. I use that exact scale.
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  9. Too many variables to say with much certainty, but I would say you're probably in the right ballpark.
  10. I can say, with certainty, that that very well may be 2 grams.

    It really depends on how it breaks up. Back in the day, I used to be able to tell if the weight was right if I was able to roll X amount of blunts. Course I don't smoke blunts anymore.

    Seriously some scales. Preferably on Amazon. Cause if you go to buy local you are going to pay 2x or 3x that price for the EXACT same scale.

    Edit. I kinda realized what I said lol. Basically I'm certain that it's possible for the to be 2g.
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  11. And that scale is a beast for the price.
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  12. Looks fine to me.
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  13. Dime bags are for dimes...not grams. At worst you overpaid slightly.

    ...judge by the quality of the smoke and how many times you are able to get high.
  14. Looks about right but you will never know without a scale. Some buds are more dense, others more airy. If you have to wonder if it's accurate you need to have them weigh it in front of you. If they don't you don't need to give dishonest people more money.
  15. I repeat what everyone else is saying.
    Looks like about 2g, but impossible to know for sure without a scale.
    I've gotten ounces that look like considerably less, so you never know.

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  16. That's the scale I use as well, can't recommend it enough.
  17. looks like 2 g had them bags before only variable would be density of bud

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  18. Yes that appears to be 2 grams.

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